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Why Chnlove club ladies keep sending EMF mails and how to deal with?

Why Chnlove club ladies keep sending EMF mails? If you are reading this article, I assume that you encounter this circumstance, do you? Is it good or bad? Why they send these mails? How to deal with these mails if you don’t interested in her? Based on my understanding from plenty of online dating articles, the answers are summarized as follow:

1. Why Chnlove club ladies keep sending EMF mails?

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Chnlove ladies keep sending EMF mails?

Generally, Chinese ladies are advised not to sendsecond EMF mails before they receive the gentlemen’s reply. But from an official observation of Chnlove.com, some ladies may wish to keep closer contact with the gentleman. It is also can be understood by the following cross-cultural differences. From historically traditional culture in China, Chinese women are more feminine, timid but less confident on their love attitude. On one hand, most gentlemen are taking domian power in a love-relationship and even in a family. On the other hand, Chinese women are general while comparing with independently western women. That why they try to keep tight communication with gentlemen whom they are interested in. This action maybe a way of sending their love, and guts to their potential boyfriends.

2. How to deal with these mails?

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Send replys to Chinese ladies!

If you do not wish to be sent another letter when you are inconvenient to reply, you may discuss this question with your lady politely. Communication is built on mutual understanding. Respect and trust will help to work out a long-term relationship. This would be the most efficient way to solve out the problem with your lady straightforward. If you don not reply to ladies’ mails, you probably receive more mails from them due to their worry to you. Indeed, they are interested in you, they think of you, and they are also wondering what is your opinion on her. Yes, this is the way they say, you are needed. Do you think it would be better if you give them some replys whatever the answer is. She will understand and wait for your letter patiently if you tell them what you think.

3.What is more you can do?


Let’s understand each other!

In case you have given up a relationship and do not wish to communicate further with a lady, you may also add her to your Block List. Please be aware, if you add a lady to your Block List, she will not be able to contact you again through EMF mail. The agency will be notified that you no longer wish to receive mail from the lady. Generally speaking, we do not advise our gentlemen to Block a lady unless you seriously decide future communication is impossible. Whatever reason you give to Block the lady, she will assume you are not polite and have no interest or patience for future contact.

Therefore, there are lots of way you can get out of these EMF mails. Before you make the decision, please try to share your concern with the lady and hear her response. She will most likely understand and appreciate your honesty.


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