You might have likely heard of many stereotypes about Chinese girls dating western men. Some of the common stereotypes are that they want to leave China and have a luxurious life or they spend all of their time taking care of their partners. This cannot be generalized when dating a Chinese girl.

Just like any other relationship, Chinese women and their western partners share happiness and hardships in their relationships. However, why do they seek after western men from totally free Chinese dating sites? Continue reading to better understand why they find these men attractive. 

1. They Are Fun to be With

Most foreign women enjoy going out with Western men because they know how to have fun. When dating a Chinese girl, one of the things they consider is whether you are fun-loving and have a better view of life. Most Chinese women don’t like men who are too focused on their goals and spend most of their time working. 

Unfortunately, this trait is common in many Chinese men. They are too driven at work because they want to have their own house, buy luxury brands, and have a stable job. While this is good, most Chinese men don’t enjoy life.

Moreover, some Chinese ladies who have dated Western men say that they have better life perspectives. Possible reasons for this are that these men are educated differently, they grew up in an open-minded household, or they never hesitate to go out of their comfort zones. 

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2. They Accept the Past

You will see many Chinese women and Western male couples in big cities in China. You will also realize that they are not young adults in their 20s. 

Many mature or divorced women go out with Western men in China dating sites because they feel they have better chances at experiencing love again. A divorced Chinese woman with a child or a 40-something woman can find it difficult to date a Chinese man. 

Nevertheless, most Western men in big cities do not care about the age or the fact that the woman they are dating has a child from a previous relationship. Therefore, women who date Western men do not feel the need to hide their past. 

3. They Allow Chinese Women to Live a Little Differently

Most Chinese ladies love the fact that they are dating a man and not the entire family. When dating a Chinese man, women have to get along with their partner’s parents. As a result, the parents have a lot to say not only in their relationship but also in their lives. 

There can also be a drawback to not having the parents involved in a relationship. Chinese parents do many things for the couple such as buying a house or taking care of their children. 

Chinese women cannot expect their Western in-laws to do all the things their parents would do. However, they can understand this situation with their in-laws. This is not generalizing all Western parents because some can provide help.

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4. They Want To Resolve Disagreements Right Away

Many beautiful Chinese girls find this an issue with their Chinese partners. Some of them said that many Chinese men are passive when there are misunderstandings or disagreements. Therefore, what they do is just keep quiet and wait until the situation becomes better. 

Western men, on the other hand, opt to discuss the matter and try to resolve it as quickly as possible. Chinese women who have Western partners said that it takes experience and time to handle disagreements this way. However, they think this is better rather than trying to avoid discussing it. 

Tips On How To Have A Successful Relationship With Chinese Women

If you wonder how to date a Chinese woman, below are some tips to help you.

  • Do Not Pretend to be Someone You are Not

When dating a Chinese woman, you should make them feel you are honest and worthy of their trust.  Most Chinese women do not find someone attractive simply because they are from another country, they earn a lot, or they can help them migrate.

On the contrary, most beautiful Chinese women want a long-term relationship and do not care much about this. What is more important to them is that you are honest and you are yourself.

  • Explore Together

Chinese women are open to new things especially when they date foreign men. Therefore, you can expect them to challenge your beliefs. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem if there is good communication.

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  • Be Willing to Compromise

Balance is crucial in every relationship. When you compromise, you do not need to avoid disagreements. This means you need to know how to express your feelings, listen to your partner’s feelings, and think of a way to work out these feelings.

Compromising is very crucial for the success of any inter-racial relationships and if you live in different places. Compromise also comes in handy if your partner does not have much background of other cultures. Therefore, to make it work, you two need to communicate and learn from each other.


Finally, you understand why they prefer going out with Western men when you meet Chinese women. They are more open to having a relationship with foreign men, so you do not need to worry if you want to go out with them. It can be awkward at first, but it will be worth it when you meet the right woman.