Love bombing is a tactic that can oftentimes be observed in toxic relationships with Chinese girls. The term is what it sounds like – to bomb or intensely shower someone with so much love and attention after the abuse has occurred to keep the victim around.

This form of manipulation involves showering the victim with words of praises, gifts, affection, and promises in an attempt to make up and distract the victim from abusive moments.

Love bombing can be received and be given by anyone. With that said, if you’re into dating a Chinese girl right now, there’s a possibility that she might express the same behaviors too.

That’s why it’s ideal that you know the signs of love bombing early so that you can cut off an abusive relationship and find a perfect and beautiful Chinese woman for you.

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Saying I Love You Right Away

While this may be overlooked when not done excessively, be wary of those who have no problem saying that they love you almost immediately, especially after days or weeks of just meeting up. If you haven’t known each deeply yet, then it may be a red flag if she’s already declared her love for you. Chinese ladies may verbalize their affections as they’re quite sweet, but learn to tell the difference.

This may come from a narcissistic behavior than a genuine one because of their need for that declaration of love to be reflected towards them through your reactions. When you tie it to love bombing, likely, this person is not capable of creating healthy attachments with you. And it creates a dynamic that lures you into this seemingly addictive intensity that you may misinterpret as a healthy expression of love.

Giving Over-the-Top Praises

Sure, one way of expressing one’s genuine love is by giving out words of affirmation and praises, and is even a good sign in dating in China. This is not necessarily love bombing. What’s love bombing is when this becomes excessive to the point that you start questioning its authenticity.

Compliments are normal when they come out from genuine fondness and not when you can tell they’re too dramatic. This pattern is even more observable after an abusive behavior was done, and they’re trying to win you back with sweet words that may seem grand but ultimately shallow intention-wise.

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Gifting You Lavish Items After a Fight

Not only does love bombing become apparent when praises are showered to you but when lavish gifts are also sent after a fight. This is a classic move every love bombers do to relieve the guilt and to somehow win the victim back.

It’s also more evident when the gift is extravagant – plane tickets, expensive jewelry, fancy dinners to lavish restaurants – and are often provided just after they’ve abused you. Instead of making you feel loved, it’s more of them trying to control you and making them feel that what they did was justified.

Gifts are always welcomed, even an expensive one is thoughtful once in a while, but if you can observe a pattern of gift-giving after a fight, be wary of this. The most beautiful Chinese women who are real in showing their love won’t overdo this.

Keeping Things Fast and Intense

Love bombing can happen when things start fast right off the bat. When a partner will immediately show the intensity that floods you emotionally, you know you’re in for a wild ride. This is more exhausting than exciting. Though Chinese dating sites in USA may have that fast-paced dating style, it’s more of how dating is at a surface level. When you start to get serious, things should be taken slowly.

If this happens, it becomes difficult for a victim to tell if they’re being abused because everything is so fast that they can’t sit down, take things slow, and assess the relationship. Love bombers won’t allow this so that you’re easier to manipulate when you start to become dependent and insecure.

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Making the Relationship Seem Like a Rollercoaster Ride

About keeping things fast and intense, this is almost always the case when you’re being love-bombed. There is no room for cooling down. It would always be an extreme ride – a pattern of intense loving, fighting, loving, and so on. First, you’ll meet in Chinese restaurants casually talking; next thing you know, you’re already in her apartment and she’s already planning a vacation for the both of you next week!

Sometimes, while this can be observed in normal, healthy relationships, it becomes toxic when this constantly happens and becomes the central theme of your partnership and is especially unnerving when you’re just starting, so keep on a lookout.

Requiring Constant Communication

If Chinese girls you are dating can’t stand not being in communication with you all the time, this is abusive. If it starts to feel overwhelming, you have the right to have it toned down. Don’t feel guilty for wanting space. This is what healthy relationships do.

When it comes to love bombing, this is one tactic that keeps you from reassessing the relationship as you’re rarely alone. You are constantly talking with her, thus not allowing yourself to see which parts are wrong in the partnership.

Chinese women date platforms are some of the most preferred dating avenues today, so it’s not surprising why you want to venture in here too. This is great and exciting, but take note of these love bombing signs first before dating to keep things healthy and genuine.