In this day and age, online dating has become prominent thanks to the convenience it offers. If you are looking for Chinese girls, you just need to create a dating profile on a Chinese dating site for potential matches to find you.

However, we cannot deny that it can be difficult to know if someone is right for you, especially if they have provided very limited information about themselves. That is why singles take their time to explore the dating profiles of a potential match before taking the step to form a serious relationship.

If you are looking for a potential partner, then her profile should be worth looking at. Her online profile can be an attention-grabber that speaks volumes about her interests and personality.

But how exactly do you read and interpret her online profile? Here is how to read her profile when dating in China for foreigners.

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What Her Picture Says

The dating profile picture speaks a lot when it comes to her personality and intentions. Of course, it is also a great way to determine whether you are attracted to her or not. While posting sexy selfies is okay, it becomes a problem when there is too much face-tune on her profile.

This is true for pictures that are taken wearing sunglasses. People who wear sunglasses in all their photos can be hiding something including the eyes, face, or even hair. 

It is not unlikely to see pictures of women in bikinis on their dating profiles. Usually, this is the case if she is participating in a water sport and has an adventurous spirit. Nevertheless, her intentions may just be to show off if her poses are more like those of models.                                                                                  

Women with a pet in the picture are more likely to be compassionate and kind. Besides, they are more likely to be caring for their children. 

Something else to note is group pictures with multiple women. Group pictures show her fun side, but it would help to flip through her solo pictures so you can identify her with ease in group photos. However, it can be a red flag if she has pictures with different men on her profile.

Smile and Teeth

Having a beautiful smile is very important for most singles looking for a potential date. If you are considering dating a Chinese girl for a serious relationship, it helps to ensure that you are attracted to them.

Nevertheless, don’t put a lot of importance on their smile and other outward appearances lest you miss out on the important details. Take them out for a date and judge whether or not you want to take the relationship further. 

Words Used

An easy that you can read between the lines in her dating profile is the words employed. According to the data obtained by researchers, it was established that ladies who used more negative words like hate scored higher on caution and attachment anxiety and less on trust.

Because of this, it is very difficult for these Chinese ladies to establish a relationship. 

Length of Profile

According to research, women’s profile is a bit longer than that of men. In general, the number of words in the profile ranges between 40 and 305. Of course, this can vary with different Chinese dating sites. So, if you are wondering whether she is a female or not, the profile length would be a great place to start.

Also, the profile length is a great indication of the age of the user. It has been established that people below 30 and older than 50 are more likely to write longer profiles compared to their counterparts in the 30s, 40s, and 50s age bracket.

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Although not the most important consideration, grammar can play a major role for some when deciding whom to date. It shows how the sexy Chinese girl you are eyeing is representing herself online. If she is not bothered with her grammar and spelling, then she may not be bothered by so many other important things about your relationship.

Social Media Posts

If you are like most singles, going through her social media accounts should be non-negotiable. It is a great way to learn more about her beyond what her dating profile reads. According to a survey by Match’s seventh annual Singles in America, 42% of people judge their dates based on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

By going through their social media profiles, you will get useful information on their core values, hobbies, interests, and more. This can help you to easily determine which Chinese beauties are a perfect match for you.

Their Outfit

One of the first things that people notice you is your outfit. Well, this may not be very different as you go through the dating profiles of hot Chinese girls. Her sense of style can speak volumes about them.

Physical attraction is typically essential if you are looking to start a romantic relationship. While inner beauty is vital, it is their physical beauty that will cause you to swipe left. You probably want someone that can take care of themselves and put in the effort to look good.

Is She Trying Hard to Impress?

There is a thin line between who she is and who she is portraying to be on her profile. Of course, you want someone that is okay being herself rather than one trying too hard to impress. Go through her online profile and sniff out anything that indicates this.

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Chinese dating show or app is an exciting place to get a potential date and start a relationship. However, before you take things seriously, it helps to go through your date’s profile so you can know them better. 

You want to dive into their collection of pictures, their bio, and social media posts to make an informed decision. On the same note, ensure that you carefully craft your dating profile since Chinese girls may also be taking a glimpse into your real life.