Relationships with Chinese girls become stronger as more and more milestones are achieved. These are the indicators that you and your partner are thriving. If you’re dating a Chinese girl right now, you may think of the memories you’ve spent with her and many more you’ll do in the future.

But, when you look back at your past and think about the plans you have for the future with her, have you thought about which milestone you both have already achieved and what you’ll want to achieve next? If so, then here are some of the best milestones to look forward to or worth celebrating for:

Making the Relationship Official

Being an official couple is a huge deal. This signifies the relationship becoming serious. This is worth celebrating because it marks an important transition – from dating to becoming an official pairing. Most of the time, a set date is marked to celebrate this where couples usually enjoy a day doing special and romantic activities together.

If you’re already an official couple with your special lady, don’t forget to honor the day when you both agreed to take the next step. This milestone is great when you want to feel nostalgic. Remember when you were still searching about how to get a Chinese girlfriend online? Now, you already have her, so enjoy anniversaries together and look forward to many more years to come.

Introducing Chinese Girls to Friends

Another big milestone to consider is when you start to introduce her to your friends, and she to hers as well. When you all start to meet in Chinese restaurants for a group date, then this is when things are starting to get serious. This introduction is important because you are already welcomed into her inner circle, so that means you are indeed special, and vice versa.

With that said, don’t forget to remember this day by going on group dates and activities with your common friends. It’s surely one great way to strengthen not only your bond together but also your relationship with friends in general. Who knows, the next time you fight with your partner, your friends will act out as a bridge to help you make up with each other, and they will always be your biggest supporters cheering on you to have more milestones achieved.

Meeting the Family

After introducing her to your friends, the next biggest milestone worth honoring is when you’ve finally let her meet your family. The moment you introduce your beautiful Chinese girl to your parents and siblings is the day when they’ll probably think of you getting serious after dating a while. This huge milestone is a wonderful opportunity to become officially a family, especially when it’s not the first time meeting parents anymore.

And while the first meeting is the milestone most would want in a partnership, maintaining the relationship with both families is worth celebrating too. That’s why, in every family event, do your best to be a part of it. Your Chinese girlfriend would surely do the same for you, so create more memories with members of both your families to build a stronger bond.

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Fixing the First Big Fight

Now, if we’re talking about something memorable that you both will probably laugh at it now, the first big fight that ever happened is a milestone worth looking back into. Whatever the reasons for the fight – an argument about money, jealousy, adjustments, space – you both have learned from this. And in this learning, this is where you start appreciating and growing into the relationship deeper.

Though complicated, the first fight can be illuminating because this is where you’ll first discuss what your desires are, your intentions, your wants, and your whims. With this, you’re able to reinforce the rules, boundaries, and communication style in your relationship. And because of this, this milestone should be looked back into, especially during hard times. Luckily, there are a lot of mature Chinese women who’ll listen and enjoy reminiscing back with you.

Moving in Together

When you start to see each other often, you both finally decide to move in together. This is one of the biggest milestones ever because you’re not only changing your home, but you’re also living with your partner. This is different when you’re not living under one roof while dating.

A milestone this grand greatly changes the dynamic in the relationship, making this an eye-opening experience for the both of you. You get to learn about each other more and understand how to live harmoniously despite the irks that naturally occur when living with someone together.

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Moving Past the Honeymoon Phase

The last on our list is when a relationship mellows down and settles after the honeymoon phase. We can agree that the honeymoon phase is one of the most exciting and passionate parts of the relationship with Chinese girls, and while this is true, there is also sweet and tender stability that focuses on other matters after the honeymoon phase disappears.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have this with the beautiful Chinese woman you’re dating now. However, take it slow, and just let it happen. Eventually, the honeymoon phase dies down, an stage of disillusionment occurs, but then stability comes over.

These are some of the major milestones one can experience when dating. Whether you’re still aiming to achieve some of these or have already achieved everything, always put importance on these milestones. They are the ones that transition, develop, and strengthen a relationship. And if you haven’t found the one for you yet to experience this, check out Chinese girl hot dating sites today to find what you’re looking for!