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Top Hot China Lady


Chinese women are great and some have influenced all Chinese people through their actions and words and some are well-known all round the world. China lady such as Yang Lan, the TV announcer; and Zhang Manyu, the famous actress and so on. They own Chinese traditional and fine virtues. And they have winned the complement from the world.


Yang Lan ---Chinese girl

Yang Lan —Chinese girl


Yang Lan—One of the top hot China lady

Yang Lan was born in 1968 in Beijing. She is the top one among the most beautiful Chinese people, one of the Top Ten TV announcers, one of 50 most successful and influential entrepreneurs in China and one of the 20 leaders of Society and Culture in Asia ranked by Asian Week. She graduated from Foreign Studies University in Beijing. At the age of 21, she auditioned for and finally won the job of hosting a programme named Zheng Da Variesty Show on CCTV. In a year with her efforts the programme became a top rated TV program with the largest audience. After four years, she quit the good job and went to America for further studies. She went to New York and studied in Columbia University majoring in International & Public Affairs. In two years she has gotten the Master Degree.

As a senior and illustrious television announcer, she made great contributions to the development of China. In 2005, she initiated Sunshine Culturel with her husband. It is a non-profit charity organization aimed to spread charity culture.

In 2008, as an emissary of China in Beijing’s bid to host the Olympic games she gave wonderful demonstration of the elegant demeanour of Chinese women. She has played an extremely important role in the success of the bid with her excellent performance.

Based on her unique experience she wrote two enlightening books named Sea And Wind and One Questions, One World. The former is a essay collection and the latter is her autobiography.


In China there are more women who have contributed to the spread of Chinese culture and tradition. Some are actresses in films; some are teachers in universities; some are housewives and some others are Olympic champions. In a word, great changes of the Chinese women status have taken place. They are wonderful Chinese bride, excellent Chinese wife in the new century and through them we can know the rapid development of China and get an overview of rich Chinese culture. No wonder that many western men want to have Chinese bride.


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