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The Beauty Standard for Ancient Chinese Women

Ancient Chinese Beauty

Nourished by the five thousand years of history, ancient Chinese had formed distinctive viewpoints about the beauty of female Chinese singles. In general, the beauty standard of the ancient Chinese is: tender, tiny, pretty and small-boned with white skin, bright eyes and white teeth. Here list some distinct features for ancient Chinese female:


Lips were considered the sexiest part of oriental beautiful Chinese women. From the Han Dynasty onward, the ancient female developed an intense interest in using rouge, which was something like lipstick, to ornament their lips into different sharps including circle-shaped, heart-shaped and flower-shaped and so on. Aiming to present a feeling of weakliness and tenderness, the ancient of the Tang Dynasty usually used black dyestuff to dye their lips. Cherry-like lips once appeared in many ancient Chinese paintings, and today girls with tiny lips are usually the cover girls of Chinese fashion magazines.


In the paintings, the women’s eyebrows are very pointed and eye-catching, This typical eyebrow is called the “dot eyebrow”, and was exclusive to the Tang Dynasty. Some have mistaken it for an imitation of the ancient costumes of Japan, but it was actually typical of the fashions from the imperial court during the Tang Dynasty.


The ancient female had their own attitude toward beauty and fashion. “Beauties wearing flowers” is a Chinese painting of the Tang Dynasty. In this painting, women wear their black, glazed hair in a high bun. A strong contrast between colors is also expressed in their costumes: the colors of azure, ochre and carmine are in perfect harmony. In addition, their shawls are are as thin as a cicada’s wings, which let their skin show faintly.


Besides eyebrows, the ancient pretty Chinese girls stress paid attention to their hair. There are many records about the hairstyle of women. The ancient beauties usually adorned their buns with flowers and hairpins.


In traditional Chinese life, fragrance was used everywhere. Ancient beautiful ladies used natural spices such as rose flowers to let their daily life and their bodies send forth a fragrant odor of nature. Fragrant bibs were a popular thing during that time, which was filled with natural spices inside. When wearing it, the whole body would send forth the fragrance of flowers and plants.

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