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Personal Review on Chnlove.com

Chnlove.com is the dating website that brought me and my beautiful Chinese wife together. I think I owe something back to Chnlove for helping me find my true love. So here I would like to share my own experience and hope it will help more people find the same happiness that I have found.

My Story on Chnlove.com

When I came on to Chnlove.com by chance, I was surprised to find a truckload of seemingly great women. Of course like everyone else here, I thought to myself: this is too good to be true. I mean, these ladies are so honest and up front about everything, not to mention good looking. So, after getting a bunch of admirer letters, I decided to write back to a couple of them just to see what would happen. Anyway, some ladies fell by the wayside because either I wasn’t feeling it or just did not think they were serious about it. Then I found the lady of my dreams. After exchanging a few EMF mails, my lady and I fell head over heals in love with one another. Six months later, I went to China to meet her and soon after that, we got married!

Chinese women from Chnlove.com
Oriental Beauty From Chnlove

What are Chinese Women Really Like?

Based on my own experience, most of the ladies on Chnlove.com are exactly what they claim to be. Honest, sincere and very smart. They just want to love and be loved in return. In general, Chinese women are loyal and trust worthy. They make great wives and loyal friends. From what I’ve heard and seen, if a Chinese woman loves you, they generally stick by you. Once a Chinese girl commits to her partner, she does so for life. Many of the Chinese women may not be as forthright about telling you “I love you” openly, but you will know it by the little things they do FOR you. My girl washed my clothes, by hand, in the sink every night without me saying anything to her. If they truly love you, they will treat you like a king. All they want is for you to love, respect and protect them.

Thank You, Chnlove.com

I think Chnlove does a good job and most of the agencies do a good job. Most people don’t realize that without the agencies and the EMF service, most of these relationships would fail before they even got started. That is why I am so thankful for Chnlove. My wife and I would have never met if it wasn’t for Chnlove.

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