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More and More Chinese Women Take Initiative in Love, Why?

Chinese women from Chnlove

A Great Beauty From Chnlove

When you are attracted by someone, will you take the initiative to show your interest and wait there,expecting the opposite part has the same feeling and then make the first move? People usually regard it man’s responsibility to take initiative in courtship. Because of shyness and fear of rejection, or being taught it is not proper for them to approach a guy first, women always put themselves at the passive position in love, especially Chinese women, who are well-known for their merits of being quiet, patient and reserved. People can not imagine the situation if Chinese women take initiative to persue their own true love.

No matter how deeply this idea ingrained in people’s heart, in reality, nowadays Chinese women are more active in seeking for their Mr. Right. Is is because time changed women or women changed themselves? In my opinion, the change of Chinese women could be ascribed to below reasons.

1.Times changed, woman’s status improved.
Present society is telling the world that women can run their own companies, implement foreign policies and properly lead our ever-evolving nation. Since women can handle such big events, why not can they control their own love. There is a saying in China that women hold up half the sky. Chinese women are no longer to be accessories to the men as stereotypically regarded before. They are expecting to be treated equally even in the dating and relationship.

2.Financial Independence.
Financial Independence make the women more confident to select the one who is mostly match their criteria. They are not looking for a long-term “meal ticket”, true love is put at the first place in a relationship. They would rather be left over than get married with someone who they don’t love. On the opposite, if someone catch their eyes, they would not lose the chance to pursue her happiness.

3.With woman’s education levels rising, Chinese women are more open-minded than before.
In the past, Chinese women might believe in predestined love. They imagine there must be someone in the world belonging to her. No matter he is a good boy or bad guy, she should accept him, because it is her destiny. In modern society, this kind of thought nearly disappeared. Everyone has the right to choose her boy friend and husband, destiny should be in their own hand.

Chinese women are becoming more confident and powerful today. Men should welcome the change of this new era and learn from it. We could only become better men when women become better themselves. If you are the lucky guy who hit by the Cupid’s arrows from the lady, please cherish the chance and this courageous woman.

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