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How to Avoid Chnlove Scam by Recognizing a Reliable Agency?

International marriage has emerged and kept growing for the recent years. As I known, Chnlove is one of the largest leading international online dating platform to help people connect and foster serious relationships with beautiful ladies from China. If you are looking for a Chinese wife, Chnlove is a good choice for you.

Quality agency on Chnlove Scam

Actually the success of Chnlove is the result of strictly selected and verified profiles from quality singles, efficient cross-cultural communication solutions, innovative technology, unrivaled dedication to customer satisfaction, and most importantly, demonstration of our firm commitment to protection against fraud. Chnlove do consider certain criteria while they are looking for local agencies, including but not limited to the followings:

  1. It must be a legally registered one.
  2. It must sign a cooperation agreement with Chnlove, and agree to comply with our service procedures and requirements when handling specified service items.
  3. It must be equipped with computers, printers, scanners and have access to the Internet.
  4. There must be qualified translators responsible for handling the translation work of the Express-EMF Mail Service, Cupid Note and Admiration mails, as well as other services that Chnlove offers to gentlemen members.

Chnlove do lots of action on ensuring the agency quality and it will bring great effect on helping gentleman avoiding scam from Chnlove.

What Is More for Chnlove Scam

Agency is the most service supplier in respect of Chnlove’s online matching platform. Accepting lady’s profiles and delivering translated messages concern every gentleman, because each one of them expects service and genuine, therefore, Chnlove adopts the following regulation to bind on any activities performed by agency:

Chnlove Scam

Pure Love, Pure Chnlove!

1. Selection of agency and binding on the alliance terms and conditions, they do take measure to protect the interests and rights of members well in advance.
2.SMS notification serve as an added level of security measure, when gentleman’s new mail arrives, lady members will automatically receive an SMS alert via her mobile phone.
3.Chnlove has built feedback rating system, service provide by agencies can be evaluated in feedback rating on translation of EMF mails and feedback rating on the visit the agency.

To sum up, any irregularity proved beyond reasonable double by detailed checking and investigation is not allowed. Chnlove will take disciplinary actions against for any misconduct. It also confirm Chnlove’s power to strip agencies of any dishonest behaviour.

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