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Happy Marriage With China Woman

International marriage has emerged and kept growing for the recent years. According to a survey of one Chinese dating site, there are quite a few people involved in these marriages seeking for a second love after the death or divorce of the first spouse through Internet dating services like Chnlove. They bravely come out of the difficulty, believe in love again and chase their second marriages. Surprisingly and fortunately, most of the transnational remarriages are with a happy ending. Why? Is it a coincidence? Well, I have done research based on large amount of data and collect useful information, and finally comes to the following main factors leading to a happy remarriage, which happens not because of coincidence.

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Happy marriage with Chinese wife

First, lower expectations and easily satisfied. Those digamous people have experienced unhappy marriages before and they know what they want better and will cherish the second chance in the relationships and what they possess. Most young couples first fall in love so crazily, but after getting married they always feel disappointed and frustrated because both sides have different requirements that can not be well satisfied by each other. While in the second marriage, couples focus more on daily life virtually rather than illusory, treat their spouse with a more forgiving heart and get satisfied easily. In a way, people in the remarriages pay more attention to peace and balance mentally and physically of both sides rather than individual desires.
Second, pay more attention to communication and trust issues. Most women in China fail in their marriages largely due to bad communications or because of extramarital affairs of their husbands. In the unhappy marriages, Chinese husbands always occupy an leading position in the relationship. They require their wives to act obediently as they want and no further discussion is going here. While in the second marriage, both have learned from the failed marriages that smooth and harmonious relationship needs communication, trust and faith. Both tend to open heart to each other and show respect and trust to their spouse.
Third, better in handling family relationships. Lots of Asian women for marriage are afraid of dealing with complicated family relationships. According to traditional China, it is said that marriage is not just a thing of the very couple but also related a lot to two families, the man’s and the woman’s. You know, family value is important and deep inside every Chinese women and men. And the relationship between Chinese mother-in-law and Chinese wife always triggers the bad ending of the marriage. Yet in western family, people are independent from their parents since adulthood and it’s much easier for the Chinese wife to communicate with the western parents-in-law. And of course she will treat his family well out of her heart because it is not that easy for someone to find a second love and lifetime partner. In the remarriage, whether she or he will cherish the relationship and be willing to give more rather than receive.
All in all, marrying a digamous China woman also brings happiness and peace to life. They know better what you want and how to fulfill your life, because they are experienced.

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