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General Info for Safer Online Dating

Like the offline dating world, the online dating world has its ups and downs Рgood people and bad people. While the majority of people can be trusted, we must all be aware of the dating scammers. Factually, there are many ways to protect yourself and find someone online! The following safety tips, collected  by Chnlove Antiscam Campaign, are recommended for your online dating safety.

When Dating Online…
1. Use an online dating site that puts its members’ safety above the “privacy” of other members.

2. Use an online dating site that conducts criminal background screenings. If it does not run criminal background screenings on their users, have one done on your own, especially before meeting in person.

3. While your online dating site should do whatever it can to enhance member safety and security, your safety and security are your responsibility. You must be careful and think before you act.

4. Set up an email account different from your personal one through a web-based email service such as Yahoo, Google or Hotmail. Use an online name free from any sexual connotation, to avoid giving the impression you are interested in anything other than a meaningful, lasting relationship.

5. Do not advertise any personally identifying information — common blunders are screen names and email addresses that contain enough information to determine your identity.

6. Be careful what information you give out to reduce the possibility of being targeted by someone who might view you as naive, wealthy, inexperienced, vulnerable, etc. Never provide financial information, including your Social Security number, to anyone you meet on line.

7. Do not post pictures of your children.

8. Spend time getting to know someone online before talking on the phone or meeting offline.

9. Report any member safety concerns to your online dating company. Stay away from people who bully you for personal information right away or pressure you to meet instantly.

When Meeting Offline…
1. Always let friends/family know where you are going on your date, details of who you’re going to meet, and what time you plan to be home. If your date is going well and you want to extend it beyond the time specified, call the person you let know about the date and tell them what time you’ll be home later.

2. Meet in a well lit public place, during daylight hours, with other people around. Try a coffee shop or restaurant. Bring a friend to protect you in case the date goes badly.

3. Wear conservative clothing; avoid suggestive language and jokes.

4. Take a cell phone or change for a pay phone so you can communicate with friends/family if necessary.

5. Verify your date’s name and description using their driver’s license.

6. The biggest threat to a person’s judgment, when on a date, is alcohol. Not only does it affect your judgment, but alcohol also lessens your inhibitions. If you are drinking, keep your drink in sight at all times and don’t get so drunk that you don’t know what you are doing. Better yet, try to avoid alcohol on your first date.

7. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or insecure, immediately end the date and request someone at the location to escort you to your car or other means of transportation.

8. Take things slowly to prevent yourself from becoming hurt emotionally. According to Dating Sites Reviews, people who have met online move their relationships to the next level more quickly than others. Having sex or getting married early in a relationship can create hardships. People are not always who they represent themselves to be; some people find that their significant other has lied about their income or values.

What If Worst Case Scenarios…
1. If cyber stalked, block the offender’s email address from your email account and tell your online dating site to remove the offender’s profile from their site. If necessary, change your email address so it’s unsearchable by your stalker.

2. If sexually assaulted by someone you met through an online dating service, get help from your local rape crisis center right away and notify your online dating company/ies to remove the offender’s profile from their site.

After reading these general information for safer online dating, we know dating safely is very important. But frankly speaking, as an Asian online dating site, we really do all we can to provide a safe, comfortable environment for building new relationship. We have built a complete anti-fraud policy while running business toward our goals, and we have our own Quantity Assurance Department, which is rare among many dating sites alike.
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