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ChnLove Real Or Fake

ChnLove Real or Fake

A place where to meet gorgeous Chinese ladies!

ChnLove.com is one of the largest leading international online dating platforms in Asia. ChnLove cooperates with trustworthy and reputable local dating and marriage agencies in the form of authorization.

Agencies are legally and economically independent from ChnLove. As a true independent platform, all agencies which cooperate with ChnLove are equal and they do not authorize the representation of ChnLove by any agency. In order to become an official service provider, agencies must meet ChnLove’s own strict criteria. Agencies assign staff or translators to assist in the operation of Express EMF Mail exchange and provide free translation service to ensure smooth communication between both parties. They also provide dating consultation services to eliminate the cross-cultural differences and answer any doubts or questions members, both male and female, may have.

Chinese ladies cannot register as members of ChnLove directly via the site; their profiles are posted via the agencies. Their personal details, proof of identity and other supporting documents are first submitted to the agencies. Their profiles are posted on the site upon ChnLove’s confirmation. Ladies are contacted and interviewed by ChnLove on a random basis.

When problems arise regarding agencies, the ChnLove Customer Service team and Quality Assurance Department try to resolve these cases. Disciplinary action may range from a formal warning up to indefinite suspension of an agency’s account. However, to be fair to all parties, if a complaint cannot be proven with certainty, ChnLove will not take action.

Therefore, with regards to whether ChnLove is real or fake, ChnLove does strive to prevent scamming by agencies, but since the agencies, who are the ones responsible for the ladies and communication between members, are not part of ChnLove but cooperative partners, ChnLove cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no scamming. So the best advice to male members is to be cautious when finding their Chinese ladies on ChnLove and when communicating with ladies, and you will find your Chinese bride eventually. There are quite a lot of success stories which can be found on ChnLove’s website.


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