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A Common Day Of Married China Ladies

You may have heard a lot about Chinese women tending to marry rich men for the strong economic support after marriage. In this way, Women in China seem to be dependent and rely herself on money and materials. But it is not the whole truth. It is understandable for Women from the whole planet to seek a stable and comfortable marriage life without getting upset on financial problems. Like men want to marry a beautiful hot wife who has a kind heart and can take good care of him and the family. Being women, Chinese ladies also want to have a good life by marrying someone who can guarantee her a better future. Apart from that, in fact, Chinese women are making efforts to do her job and maintain the family. Let’s have a look at how a married Chinese wife spend her 24 hours in a working day.

Long Transportation From Apartment To Company

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The living pressure is increasing every day and supporting a family is getting difficult for a man and is no longer his own responsibility. As a wife and a mother, women bravely step out of the house and go into the office to share the economic burden. So most Chinese housewives continue to work after marriage.
In the morning, they have to take a bus or metro for about one hour from home to the working place. Most people choose to rent a cheap apartment over an expensive flat that is near the company in order to save money. You can never imagine how crowded the transportation would be in the busy hours. It is hard to find space to stand steadily, not to mention sitting cozily on the seat. It is believed that Chinese people tend to keep a larger personal space than westerners. But in the bus or metro, no more personal space. So you can see that Chinese women also struggle for the happiness of her family, which is really different from what you have heard but is the real truth.

China Ladies Work Hard To Make Money As Men

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Chinese ladies work hard in the office

In the old time, women in China mostly stayed at home, took care of children and the olds, do some cooking and washing, keep the house clean and make sure to keep everything running in the right way in the house. But in the modern world, Chinese females become more confident, self-aware and independent. They have their own careers and dreams, and they work hard to reach the goals in the life.
For the office ladies, it is normally eight hours a day and five days a week to work. Generally speaking, the working hour is from 9 am to 6 pm and the lunch break is an hour (from 12 am to 1 pm ). But there are some women labors working much longer hours, which is highly about 12 hours a day and no leisurely weekend for the whole month. They are involved in all kinds of occupations, from a humble waitress to a billionaire boss. They are trying to make a good future for herself, for her family.

A Good Wife And Mom After Work

Chinese wife

Chinese wife

Apart from their toughness at work, meanwhile, they also inherit the virtues from their parents, specially from their traditional mothers. After 6 pm, they throw themselves into another world. Taking kid from school, shopping, cooking and cleaning. In my opinion, China women is the best wife and greatest mother in the world. They show high respect to the family value and spend all the whole life to make sure the happiness of the family. If you are seeking a foreign love and lifetime partner, I strongly recommend the Chinese singles. Charming appearance and good personality!

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