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Why Chinese women may be Good for Western Men

If you’re currently a member of Chnlove than you’re probably there because you’re tired of the the type of relationships between most of Western Men and Western Women. You don’t like the women who grew up in the “ME” generation, always looking strictly for “What’s in this relationship for me?” But when you meet a new Western Woman who you find attractive, before the conversation has even really begun, she’s already drilling you about your occupation, your assets and your money,etc. You’ve heard that Chinese Women are different than that, so you’re come to Chnlove to check it out.

In fact (Let’s be honest about that). Chinese Women on Chnlove will also want to know that you have an income and that you are financially stable. Like women everywhere, she also wants a secure future. The difference is, most Chinese Women come from a world where a normal job is a great job, a simple home is a great home, and family is everything.

– Will there be food on the table: good enough.
– Will we have a home that I can clean and cook in and make comfortable for you: good enough.
– You’re a truck driver (mechanic, teacher, male nurse, etc): that’s fantastic. Just be reliable.

So, if you want a simple life where you do your job, which is the primary income earner, and she does her job, which is manage the home and family, then Chinese women make great life partners. That’s not to say that she won’t help you with business if that’s what you want, but you’ll be the boss. And it doesn’t mean she’s not prepared to have a job too. She will likely prove to be a very hard worker. It does mean that running the home is her job as well. You will have a say in all the important decisions, but when it comes to day to day operations sit back and let her take over, it’s what she does best.

Generally, only a Chinese woman commits, she will invest every ounce of her being into your future, your home, your family and your life together. Chinese women like to spend as much time with you as possible. The more you can be together the happier they are. They’re happy to go out with you and play, spend time at the movies, relax in a pub with your friends, walk on a beach, anything so long as she is with you. Equally a quiet night at home is perfect. To her, time with her husband is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to be with her every moment, it just means that every moment of your time you do give he will be appreciated.

Unlike Western Women, a Chinese Woman will not sit around with her buddies secretly badmouthing you. To her, if you look bad she looks bad, and she would lose face. So long as you are covering the bare basics, she will outwardly praise you to the roof, because if her friends think you look good, then she gains face. And if she says you’re not a good husband, then implicitly she is failing as a wife.

Chinese women like to please their men, and to receive acknowledgment that they have pleased him. Every Chinese woman loves it when her man gives her a little gift, because it means she has pleased him and he appreciates it.

None of this is to say that they never will be angry, never will express their concerns. And when a Chinese Woman reaches the boiling point, sit back and stay silent. Let her get it out, let her have her say, and acknowledge her righteousness, or watch out. Given proper respect, she will return it many times over. She will honor your love, your marriage and your family, always placing your needs and those of your children above her own.

If you want to date such a Chinese woman, then you’re in the right place. Chnlove Online dating is absolutely a great way to find, meet and get to know Chinese women.

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