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Why China Ladies Choose American Men As Their Life Partner?


This article is to analyse the causes why cross-cultural marriage in China is becoming more and more. It is aimed to give some guidelines to American men wanting to marry Chinese women and help them recognize the facts in cross-cultural marriage so as to have better and happier marriage.

Undoubtedly more and more Chinese women choose cross-cultural marriage. It is owing partly to the change of society and people’s ideas and partly to the different qualities of them and American men.


Beautiful Chinese women for marriage

Beautiful Chinese women for marriage

China Ladies

On one hand, in the eyes of Chinese singles American men has many unique characteristics that Chinese men do not own. And yet that is exactly what attract them.

First of all, American men can recognize the strong points and understand the delicate inner thoughts of Chinese wives regardless of appearances. They take care of their sorrow and wants at any time. Women in China are always moved by their love and thoughtfulness. However, most of men attach excessive importance to women’s appearances, which have disappointed them.

Second, American gentlemen do not care about the ages as much as Chinese men while looking for their true love. Just have a browse on the advertisements for a life partner on newspapers or on the Internet and we can find that: In most of Chinese advertisements men set an age limit and hope that girls are younger while in American advertisements most of them don’t do so. In America, many American men marry China women who are 5 years younger or more. It is common in America but from the point of Chinese men’s views it is unimaginable.

Thirdly, American men are generous with their kind words to partners. Many Chinese ladieslike to stay with American men because they feel good. Even though you are a woman with common look you will win praise for your talents, fine qualities or intelligence. As we all know, if you think a person owns virtues you will naturally feel that the person is beautiful no matter what she or he looks like. A highly educated American gentlemen will always respect and admire their spouse. They will surprise their spouse now and then. However, the requirement of Chinese men when they choose a wife is first appearance. The second is age. Moreover, they will rarely send flowers and gifts after wedding to express their love. They tend to give money to their wife.


Chinese women marry Western men

Chinese women marry Western men

American men

On the other hand, American men like Chinese wife for their virtues which women in America do not own. First, Chinese wives are hardworking, tender and beautiful. And the most important reason is that they are not material girls. Some women in America are diligent but not tender, sexy but not sweet.

In conclusion, those factors combine to result in more and more cross-cultural Chinese marriages with beautiful Chinese bride. If you are American men for China bride, this article is helpful for your Chinese date. Best wishes for Chinese girls and American men.



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