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Why Are Chinese women on Chnlove.com

As I have joined Chvlove.com since a few years ago, my writing experience brought me lots of concern, such as photos, words from their letters, and even why those Chinese young women will pay their attention to me. So I try to read books about women expectation to their headband, and I found some ideas specifically on age gap.

Age Gap from Chnlove.com

Now for the Chinese women, For starters they don’t believe that they’re going to hook up with a rich model handsome type of guy. They haven’t been swept away by Hollywood (yet) so the whole unreal expectations thing isn’t a problem. What’s more,  Chinese towns women don’t have such a problem with unreal expectations thus settle down much faster and have kids.

As pointed out in the book, western women from large cities in the English speaking world, so called REAL EXPECTATIONS. These women want guys that are what they see in Hollywood, Great looking guys with buff bodies and hot cars and lots of money. These model guys are 1 in a 1000 but women do not realize this when they go out they see 5000 guys in the city but will only remember the 5 really good looking. That’s 25 hot guys a week it seems like a lot to them cause they don’t remember the other 25,000 that passed by them.


Age gap is a big deal?

The book pointed out that the average age gape of married ppl in USA was 3.5 years. Yet a survey in the book showed that the age gap that women found men to be most attractive was 12 yrs older than them but they did not consider this to be culturally acceptable. In other words women from western cultures dig guys MUCH older than them but they don’t have the guts to openly date them at least until they’re 30 if there not married by then which is often the case.

What are Chinese women looking for?

I have traveled to Chinese women and let me tell you all that for an age gap of 7-8 is normal in fact I met couples with 20 year age gaps over there. To an Chinese women what is important is that she be taken care of and loved, they won’t want to go to night clubs because that where they think they’re going to find Tom Cruise. These girls want to raise a family not go get pissed.


Do you know what I am thinking?


Sweet girl, waiting for your love at Chnlove!

It is also common in South American countries for girls to go out with older guys too. Indeed I have a friend in Uruguay who is 35 and dates 17 yr olds. It’s no big deal there in fact girls celebrate they’re 15th B-day like guys celebrate they’re 21st. A girl is considered to be a woman when she turns 15. So yes, age gap really not a problem for two people

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