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What Should I Ask the Ladies in Chnlove Club?

I joined Chnlove Club a couple of years ago, as I have always been attracted to oriental beauties. Speaking from my experience, I think communication is the key to finding success in Chnlove Club. To get to know a lady, you have to ask her some carefully chosen questions. Her answers can be quite revealing, and you can decide from there whether she meets your hopes. Of course, when asking these questions, you should always bear in mind the vast cultural differences between occidentals and orientals.

Chinese lady from Chnlove Club

Gorgeous lady from Chnlove

Chnlove Club dating tips: Ask about her personality, interests and life experiences

You can judge a lady from the outside by taking a look at her photos. But looks fade over time, and what is the most important in a relationship is inner compatibility. You can tell something about a lady’s character by the way she writes. Some ladies like to write romantic fluff that reveal nothing about the ladies themselves, while others write letters that show personality and character. You can also get to know a lady’s personality by asking about her hobbies and interests. It can be the sports she enjoys, a song she likes or anything she gives her attention to.

Personally I think it is also very important to look at a lady’s life experience and adaptability. Things like has she traveled outside of China before? Has she even had contact with Westerners before? The lady you are talking to may be perfect in China but when removed from her element not be able to handle it and that will bring big troubles.

Ask about her view on family

One thing you need to know about Chinese women is the importance of family first and foremost. Many Chinese women have fairly conservative upbringings which turn them into very traditional and family-oriented ladies. They are very faithful, considerate and tolerant, and will make good wives and good mothers. You will be surprised to see how much Chinese women care about their husbands and children. So, you should take time to adjust to your new role as a Chinese woman’s future-husband because you may have to take the lady’s family background into consideration. If your lady has children, then you obviously need to be aware of her children’s needs, and be prepared to be more accepting of the situation.

Ask how she thinks about the future

It is important to know how your lady pictures the future with you. You may ask her questions like: Where do you see yourself in 5 years and in what country? Are you really open minded towards starting a new life away from your friends and family? She may also need to choose her career path. Is she planning to get a new job or stay home to look after the children? These are hard questions, but you will find out if the lady is serious or has not thought things through properly. Perhaps it is too early to ask these serious questions, but in fact, concerns like these are something you’re going to face sooner or later. You don’t have to agree on everything when you’re together, but it is important to talk through must-be-solved questions and both feel confident you can live and work together, knowing what the other believes.

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