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What Chinese Woman Want

Most gentlemen may want to know what exactly a Chinese woman want out of a man when joining Chnlove and begin their dating. It’s really a hard question. Usually they think the answer is four things: Tall, dark, handsome and rich. But factually, this is usually not what they want in a man. Have you ever seen a beautiful Chinese woman on the street holding hands with an unattractive, short and trashy guy? Most women will not tell you exactly what they want.

If you were to ask any Chinese woman on the street they usually tell you these things:

“…….I want someone to make me laugh and smile.”

“…..a confident and powerful man…”

“…I want a man to treat me like a princess.”

In essence, Chinese women wants three main things out of man:

Research reveals women look for, and place a high value on, men who are intelligent, ambitious, and who work hard for advancement and high goals. They want a confident man. Chinese women may want a man that knows what he wants in life. They don’t want a man who is scared of taking risks and who is not comfortable in their own skin. She will think what will happen when they get married – will she feel comfortable living with a man that is scared of life and is confident enough to provide a good living to her and her children?

Security and stability
They want a man that they can be looked after no matter what. Being rich and powerful will give her more security and stability in her life compared to a poor person. These two important characteristics also imply that the man will share his resources and continue reliably protecting and caring for the family in all future unforeseen circumstances.

Challenge and Sense of Humor
They want a man to challenge her. Most Chinese woman may lead boring lives, they want a man to stimulate their minds and make them laugh. Having fun and making them laugh are good ways to really challenge them. A man’s good sense of humor can develop camaraderie and enlivens the relationship better than any other single characteristic. Good humor also signals good intelligence.
Love and Commitment
These two words have different meanings in different cultures but they imply a man’s willingness to give his full attention and all his resources unselfishly to his mate and offspring. Also implied is the man’s promise of future fidelity and continued protection and shared resources. When a Chinese woman says that “love” is important, what she is implying is that she wants to insure that his support in the future will continue. A continuing on-going “love connection” is reassuring to the woman for future protection and survival.
If you give Chinese Woman all these four things, we will have no doubt you will able to hook up with any woman you desire.

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