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Traditional Chinese Dating

No matter what your nationality, when you join Chnlove, you should know something about Chinese dating traditions that will help things run more smoothly.

Gender Roles
It’s important to understand the difference between how men and women are raised in traditional Chinese society, because it can affect your online Chinese dating experience. Traditionally, Chinese Women are raised to be respectful of men and to defer to them in most matters, and men are traditionally raised to be providers and to protect the women in their family. They will naturally take the lead in a relationship.

Family Ties
Family ties run deeply within Chinese families, and even Americanized single Chinese still get a lot of input on their dating partners from well-meaning parents. This means that when you date a Chinese women, you will likely be dating her parents to a certain extent. Expect to be thoroughly scrutinized, although it will be done respectfully. Parents want to be sure the person their child is dating is safe and suitable. For your part, be sure to show respect for the feelings of your Chinese girlfriend’s parents. This will assure them of your honorable intentions toward their child and will help smooth the path for further relationship development in case the two of you hit it off.

Note: It should also be mentioned that arranged marriages take place frequently in traditional Chinese culture. Parents may actually choose who their child will marry, and the choice is made based on compatible culture and values, as well as financial circumstances. Age of the potential partners and, to some extent, physical attraction to one another may also be taken into consideration, but a child is expected to honor and obey their parents’ decision.

Respect and Honor
Honor is everything in Traditional Chinese Dating , so it’s crucial to conduct yourself respectfully.

• Be on your best behavior: This means use your manners at all times and be thoughtful of your Chinese girlfriend’s needs and concerns. Listen attentively when your Chinese girlfriend speaks to you, even if you are a little bored with the topic. Be willing to do some of the things she likes instead of just things that interest you.

• Be honest: Don’t exaggerate about your education, financial situation or your employment prospects. If you’ve been married before, be up front about it and let your Chinese partner decide if continuing the acquaintance is in everyone’s best interest.

• Never push the relationship too quickly: The quickest way to scare off a new Chinese partner is to try and maneuver her into the bedroom. It shows disrespect for the person and is often a real deal breaker. Many traditional Chinese women will choose to save the sexual relationship until after marriage, so know what you are looking for in the relationship before you begin. If you want a relationship with the potential to last, take the time to get to know your partner. Learn about her likes, dislikes and interests, even if you don’t share all of the same views.

Chinese women, and Chinese families put a great store in their cultural traditions, so expect to be included at celebrations and ceremonies. It doesn’t hurt you to attend, even if you don’t hold the same beliefs, and you may find the experience enlightening as well as entertaining. Just remember to behave politely and all should go well. Does this mean you have to give up your own customs and traditions? No. Respect and honor is a two way street, and your Chinese partner and her family should be considerate of you as well.

Then, try to date a Chinese women in traditional Chinese way!

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