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Tips for Dating Chinese Girls: Do’s and Don’ts

Tips for Dating Chinese Girls: Do's and Don'ts

Tips for Dating Chinese Girls: Do’s and Don’ts

Love becomes a bit more difficult when it happens on the two persons with cultural difference. For most western men, to successfully date a Chinese girl is a tough task. As a man who have some experience of dating Chinese girls, I am often asked what a guy should and shouldn’t do on a date with a Chinese girl. To cater to the mass requirements, I summarize the do’s and don’ts of dating a Chinese female, which should be helpful for most of you.

Dating Chinese Girls: Do’s

1.Be polite and gentle on the first few dates before she shows the real her to you. For those Chinese girls who look for life-time partner via online dating sites, they usually want to develop a cross-cultural relationship. Thus, you need to show your difference from the Chinese guys she has dated before; otherwise, you may bore her and then lead to a failure ending.

2.To compliment her on her beauty is an effective way to go. Chinese women are used to making some efforts on the appearance on the romantic dates. They expect to leave a good impression in front of you. Your positive commenting on her looking would add higher grades for yourself.

3.Take the lead role in the conversation since Chinese women tend to prefer the talkative guys, especially those who have something interesting to show to them. And you should know that Chinese women are relatively conservative when compared to the western girls. Most of them rarely open up quickly unless they belong to the special kind.

Dating Chinese Women: Don’ts

1.Keep yourself away from over-confidence. Most Chinese people consider modesty to be a virtue in guy. Confidence could add more scores to yourself when you’re dating a western female; however, it works oppositely on your dating with a Chinese girl. All should be ascribed to Chinese old tradition. I’ve been heard many complaints from the female friends of my Chinese wife. They told me most western guys like to show off his superiority to others, and they hate to hear such a topic. Actually, they just want to know the real him. Honesty and modesty become very important on your date with Chinese girls.

2.Don’t rush too fast during the dating process. Chinese girls like to develop the relationship step by step, which is different from the date with western women. If you move too fast in the date, for example, kissing her in the first date, you may scare her away. If a Chinese girl really want ‘something’ to happen, she will give you an indication, but most Chinese women wouldn’t like that kind.

3.Consider she would contact you to arrange the next date. You should know that it’s your job! Suppose you assume that she will take initiative to contact you, you indirectly give up a chance.

Well, this list may not cover all; however, it should be a great help for those who are about to date Chinese girls. Good luck, finally!

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