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The Beauty Standard for Ancient Chinese Women

Ancient Chinese Beauty

Nourished by the five thousand years of history, ancient Chinese had formed distinctive viewpoints about the beauty of female Chinese singles. In general, the beauty standard of the ancient Chinese is: tender, tiny, pretty and small-boned with white skin, bright eyes and white teeth. Here...

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A Common Day Of Married China Ladies

You may have heard a lot about Chinese women tending to marry rich men for the strong economic support after marriage. In this way, Women in China seem to be dependent and rely herself on money and materials. But it is not the whole truth....

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Dating Chinese Girls on Television Show

Chinese dating

Dating Chinese Girls Are Popular Centuries ago people never imagined that seeking love or marriage could be worked out through the Internet. In the past, couples used to be introduced to each other through friends, made their acquaintance to each other in blind dates arranged...

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China Ladies Show Their Importance Today

Chinese women

Women in China play an important role today. Their position in the Chinese society has changed over time. In the traditional Chinese culture, women were always humiliated, underestimated and excluded in the special patriarchal family system, who are mostly restricted with their homes. Being seen...

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