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Safety Tips On Chatting Online

Chnlove launched new Live Chat service in this month. This is a great dating tool allows you to talk with Chinese ladies in real-time and no language barriers. In order to let you getting better dating experience, we now collect some dating tips on how to Chat online. We hope these information will be useful whenever you chat with ladies from Chnlove or other online dating sites.

1. Protect yourself–first and foremost. While there are countless wonderful and perfectly safe people on online dating sites, there are also a wide variety of people with less-than-honorable intentions. Never immediately divulge your real name, home address, phone number, place of employment or other personal information to strangers online. If you’re new to dating online, don’t beat yourself up over failed conversations. Try to learn from your mistakes and keep trying.

2. Be yourself. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to fit anyone else’s mold or blowing the details of your life out of proportion. Being straightforward and honest will save you not only time but also heartache.

3. Have fun. Successful online dating starts with great conversation. Keep it light. Talk about what interests you, and ask questions about what interests your new friends and potential dates. Talk about hobbies, musical tastes and other lighthearted topics to begin with.

4. Pace yourself. The more you can converse online and get a feel for the other person’s likes, dislikes, character and sense of humor, the better you’ll be able to determine if you–or they–want to take it any further. Keep your mind open, and let the other person divulge more personal information, such as political or religious beliefs, as they feel comfortable.

5. Don’t be pushy. You may want to set up some preliminary boundaries when you converse with a new friend. Let the other person know that if they feel uncomfortable or feel you are not compatible, they can say so. If you or the other person decide to part ways, do so graciously.

6. Trust your instincts. If you feel safe with the other person, eventually it’s normal to exchange full names and locations. You can save yourself much hassle by doing some research on your new friend. Pay attention to their communication behavior as well. If someone is secretive about their personal information or even their appearance, there may be something to hide.

7. When you get to the point of exchanging real names and locations, it is wise to do a background check or at least some online research about your new friend. This can not only help you confirm the information they tell you, but also protect you from those who may be married or have a criminal record and may be a threat to you.

At last, Chnlove cares about your demand always. If you have original view toward our live Chat service, we welcome your opinion.


Chnlove Live Chat Info:
It is one of Chnlove’s important featured services allowing messages to be answered immediately. We provide two modes of online communication:

a) Direct-communication mode:
Ladies can chat on their own with gentlemen via the Live Chat software after signing in. This mode is for female members whose English is of a better standard and who can communicate directly with gentlemen.

b) Translator-assisted mode:
When the lady signs in to Chnlove’s Live Chat service the selected translator is simultaneously connected to the lady allowing her to begin instant chat with the gentleman via the translator. Each message transmitted during the conversation is sent to the translator, translated, and then transmitted to the recipient. This mode is for female members whose English is of a lower standard and who cannot communicate directly with gentlemen.

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