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Popular Places To Go Dating With Chinese Girlfriend

Are you in a relationship with a Chinese lady? And want to improve the relationship but do not know how? Here I recommend you one of the most popular ways that should be effective to work in your relationship. That is traveling. People like traveling, no exception to women in China. Then you may be concerned about where to travel because you don’t know China well and have no idea about the famous places to have fun with your China lady. Well, I would like to share my experience with you and hope it’s helpful to you.

In fact, China have a lot of tourist resorts and you can google it easily to find out your favourite place for your trip. However, the best places for a China date, your beautiful Chinese girl , you need to pay more attention to choosing these resorts rather than just googling them out. I have figured out some popular places to date Chinese singles according to my research on the Internet and friends and my personal experience. Here are the best dating places to go.

Sanya in China

Sanya, an outstanding tourist attraction in China

1.Beach. The most romantic place for a date should be beach! You can see writers or directors prefer to pick beach as the place to show the beauty of love in their stories or movies. So it always remind people that beach means romance and love. While in China the most gorgeous beaches are in Sanya, Hainan Province. Sanya is a little island located in the south of Hainan Province. With the bright sunshine, clear water, comfortable warm weather and tropical landscapes, Sanya is well known as Oriental Hawaii, attracting tourists from everywhere around the world. Thus this international seashore and tourist resort should be the first choice dating with Sexy Chinese women.

Anhui Huangshan

Anhui Huangshan, a place you’re reluctant to miss!

2.Mountain. China have multiple hills and mountains. The ancient Chinese love mountain and would like to compare his reputation as an everlasting high mountain, as the old saying goes ” The wise enjoy the waters, the benevolent enjoy the mountains.” Born and grew up in this country, most Chinese women for marriage hope for a travel in a scenic mountain with her honey. Then the best choice for mountain tourism is Huangshan, located in Anhui province. It is famous for its fantastic pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of cloud and magic hot-spring that can cure diseases. You can imagine what a wonderful date under this gorgeous scenery nature.

Ice engraving in Harbin

Ice Engraving in Harbin

3.Destination with snow scene. Yes, you hear me. Snow means innocence, beauty and romance in Chinese ladies’ eyes. There are polls about the best dating sites for lovers and then places with snowy scenery always finds its place in the top ten. One of these destinations with beautiful snow landscape is Harbin. Harbin, the northeast city of China, is called Snow Village because of its beautiful sights of snow and also the delicate, graceful ice lanterns.

Travel is good to help mutual understanding and improve the relationship. Some lovers or couples will try to fix their relationship by having a few days off on travel. So if you really want to develop further with your girl, then pack up and enjoy the romantic trip with your love one in China.

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