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Playing It Smart While Dating Online

When talking about online dating to your family and friends, maybe you will get plenty of dating advice telling you to not even think about it. They will tell you about stories they have heard on the news where someone was scammed out of their life savings or physically assaulted or even worse. Sometimes they are right. The internet is filled with many dating scammers who are not what they seem to be. Being able to maintain anonymity is one of the negative aspects of being online so in essence it comes down to the honor system. You take people at their word and hope they are telling the truth. Oftentimes they are but there is a large percentage that has no intention of being honest about their motives or goals.

Then it is essential to practice common sense and basic safety when it comes to dating online:

1. Background Check
The online dating site you join should have some kind of security feature in place so you have a relatively good idea who you are meeting and what you are getting into (i.e. Chnlove.com is no doubt such a safety site.). However do not leave it up to the dating site to do all the work. You can some detective work on your own. For instance put your online date’s name in a search engine and see what comes up.

2. Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs
Some people walk right into trouble. Part of it is due to the other party being quite deceptive in their responses when it comes to how they present themselves. But frankly a lot of it has to do with not paying attention to the red flags. All of us in some way or another tend to hear what we want to hear. For instance time and again it is pointed out to cut off contact with anyone asking for money yet almost daily someone gets scammed out of their savings. A little tug on the heart strings and all logic and common sense go out the window. No matter how wonderful the chats are it is essential to exercise enough detachment so you can examine thoroughly what is being said.

3. Don’t Be In A Hurry
After a couple of conversations where both parties hit it off there is a tendency to want to rush the process along. Each of you like a lot of the same things and it all feels so right so why not go for it?

The reason not to is because the two of you are still strangers even you have wonderful communication in online dating. A good dating scam artist knows a few well placed agreements can have the other person begging for an offline hookup. On the other hand if they are dating scam artist then they are going to grow impatient with anyone who is moving along at a leisurely pace. A great relationship normally takes time to grow so being patient can not only bear fruit in that direction but also increase the chances of weeding out those who do not mean you any good.


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