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How to Date a Chinese Girl via an Effective Way?


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Compared to the other girls across this world, Chinese girls have their unique charm and personalities. They are not only beautiful in look, elegant in behavior, with a smart brain and considerate heart, which makes them the best selections as a lifetime partner. That’s why there are so many western men are likely to find a Chinese wife these days! However, how to effectively to Chinese girls? I hope the following tips can certainly help you.

1. Take initiatives but not aggressive

Making a comparison between western girls and Chinese girls, you will find that the latter ones are relatively conservative and unsociable. They’re not used to taking initiative to say hello to others, especially in terms of dating. Therefore if you like a Chinese girl and wan to get to know her more, TALK TO HER FIRST. Suppose she replies you in a polite way, it means something positive. If you have set up a relationship with her, then remember that don’t be too aggressive at the very beginning. Many of us are very passionate, active and expressive when we really want to know someone. While for your date with Chinese girls, you need to slow down your pace. That’s because Chinese girls may exhibit very different levels of tolerance in terms of touching, hugging or even flirting.

2. Slow down and be persistent

Unlike the western girls who get used to developing a relationship in an aggressive way, Chinese girls want to take slowly, step by step. Many western girls are open to have a sex relationship on the first date. While for Chinese girls, they think that’s crazy! If you ask for such a requirement on the first date with your Chinese girl, you will scare her away. Being persistent is not a bad thing and many times Chinese girls expect you to be persistent.

3. Clarity your intention

This point of view may seem to be a little paradox with the second one. Actually, it’s not! I say clarify your intention it means that to let your girl know your feeling about the situation. Before asking a girl out, you must have a period communication with her or certainly know about her. Whether you have seen her or not, you should let your Chinese girl understand your feeling towards her, especially after the first date. Remember, Chinese girls take relationship much more serious. Suppose they decide to go out with you the first time you ask her out, she might easily develop strong feelings to you. You should take the chance to let her know what you think. If you do have strong feelings towards her, speak it out! It will speed out your relationship to the next level.



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