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How to Contact with Several Ladies on Chnlove Asia

As a man who has always had a strong interest in Chinese culture and history, I joined Chnlove a couple of years ago to find my Chinese lady. Like many users of online dating service, I had difficulty choosing from all these beautiful Chinese ladies posted on the site. Generally, I think it is OK to maintain contact with several ladies before you make any real commitment, but there are a few things you need to know to avoid breaking their hearts and protect yours too.

Be honest on Chnlove Asia

I am contacting 4 ladies right now. But I was honest and told them that I talked to the other women (on about the third letter). I explained it to them that I wrote my first letter to all four because I wasn’t sure if any of them would write back. And also explaining that two people won’t really know if they are meant to be together until they actually meet in person. They all still talk to me after I told them I talk to other women and they are generally OK with that since we haven’t made any commitment yet. Because I’m writing to all of them I can’t write as much to each one as I’d like to. So that slows things down a bit, but it also allows me to get to know them better more as a friend to help both of us figure out if we are right for each other instead of just focusing on one lady that I probably won’t match up with.

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Answer blindly?

Don’t meet more than one Chinese Women on a single trip

Although most ladies felt it was OK for me to write to several ladies at the same time, meeting more than one on a single trip might be more of a problem to them. Because that’s more personal than writing words on a computer. It might make the meeting akward if they know you are meeting another lady in a few days. I’ll probably have known them for 6 months before I can get to China, so by then I would have a good idea which one I want to meet. And if that doesn’t work out, then I still remained on good terms with the others so I can give them a try on the next trip.

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Thinking a trip to China?

Of course, lots of technique are useful and need to be remember while you contact with serval Chinese women on Chnlove Asia. However, these two things are the first step to approach the contacts.

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