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Differences between women in China and America

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Chinese women have their uniqueness and beauty which make them stand out from other girls.

Every country has its own culture including traditions, customs and language. Without exception women in China and America have many distinctive features of their own. Both have their merits and weakness. That is why many foreigners like to date with Chinese girls and choose Asian women for marriage instead of American women. Some of them believe that Chinese wives are good examples,which can be proved on Chnlove Success Stories.

To begin with, Chinese women can endure more hardships have stronger willing. In the past, they have gone through twists and turns and overcome countless troubles. During the process of growing they have fostered the qualities—-No matter what lies ahead of them they grit their teeth and go on. Owing to historical background they own the quality of persistence.

Secondly, Chinese women are more tolerant and patient. A good case in point is that they make more sacrifices for family and life. If they like or love somebody, they can accept strong points and weakness as well. Lower divorce rate may demonstrate it clearly. Statistics shows that divorce rate in America are double higher than that of China.

Thirdly,  they will encounter great pressure from family and society if they don’t marry at their twentieth. As they become older and older, their pursuers are fewer and fewer. However, even if American women reach forty or fifty, there are still males taking to them. In addition, male foreigners are braver regardless of age gap.

Another one is Chinese women single-minded love. Once they set down with a man, they keep caring for the man. They are born a feeling particularly. Most of them are devoted to family members after their marriage. A great part of them take it for granted that they should not only take good care of children, husband and their parents but also bear the burden of doing housework. They are also named housewife. In America, the number of women extramarital marriage are almost equal to that of men.

The above are only some general differences. Admittedly there are still more differences. Culture varies greatly and many factors contributes to the differences such as geographical environment, developing process and historical background. Correspondingly, women in China and America differ greatly and the individual women are not the same, either—-different nationalities, different professions, ages, experience and educational levels make great impact upon their qualities and characteristics. Though in a world towards globalization and modernization the differences are decreasing. But the differences discussed above are established by long-standing customs and they may only have slight change.

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