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Dating Chinese Girls Online-Questions to Ask

Successful online dating requires tactic skills. One of the most skills is to learn how to interact well. It plays an important role in the whole online dating process. After all, your profile page with photos and a certain self description is not enough to attract someone to take initiative to contact you!

To create attraction online is not an easy thing. It’s not just a physical thing since women are lean by emotions. To make an impact on a girl’s emotion, you should know what questions to ask her online. When you’re dating Chinese girls via internet, do not chase all of them like a love sick puppy since it’s very unattractive to women and will do no good. Since there are so many Chinese girls available for selection, it is best to ask questions. It will you to further understand a girl, her likes, dislikes and personalities, but you should do it in a funny way. Then, what questions are suitable to ask a girl online?

1. What would you usually do in your weekends?

Actually, this is a fairly self explanatory question. Most of people would state what they usually do in weekends. Suppose a girl has mentioned the details of this aspect in her profile, you can choose to ask her something that interests you or a related activity. This is a funny question, which can help you understand her and find common interests. It’s an ice-breaking question to ask a girl online.

2. Why do you choose online dating to find a partner?

This is a general question most of the online daters would ask. However, it should be asked via a funny and light-hearted method. You know what the general questions usually hide serious questions. Just like this one, you might recall her previous good and bad experiences. Thus, pay close attention to her answers. Once she is a sensitive person, you’d better not touch her sad/bad experiences.

3. What kind of man do you want to be with?

By asking this question, you can know that what kind of man your girl likes, and then have an evaluation on yourself to see if you’re the one she is seeking or not. If you do have good feelings on the girl, you can try to present you’re the one she is looking for by talking the specific details about yourself. Show your Chinese girl you are a responsible, ambitious, energetic and funny guy! To tell you the truth, no Chinese girls can resist the charm of this kind of man. If possible, plan your girl in your future career and life, letting her know you’re serious about this relationship.


Chinese girls have very clear targets in seeking a lifetime partner online. They just want to find someone who cares about them, ensures them a happy and steady life. Thus, to find a Chinese girl as a life-long partner is no doubt a good choice, and Chnlove, the #1 trusted Asian dating site can help you realize your dream with real ladies!

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