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Dating Chinese Girls on Television Show

Dating Chinese Girls Are Popular

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Centuries ago people never imagined that seeking love or marriage could be worked out through the Internet. In the past, couples used to be introduced to each other through friends, made their acquaintance to each other in blind dates arranged by relatives or just met in a party and then fell in love. While nowadays there are so many ways to get to know people. You can stay home, open an account in twitter, facebook or other social networking services, then you will meet different kinds of people and talk to them on the Internet. If you want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend in a quick and effective way, you can also login in a dating website like Chinalove.com or sign up for a television dating show. As a result, with the development of high technology, dating Chinese girls or other Asian women for marriageis no longer a dream for the western men. Cross-border marriage becomes more popular.

The Difference Between Chinese Dating Show And That In America

Chinese singles

Beautiful Chinese singles in Chinese dating show

In China, there are so many Chinese singles finding their love through the dating websites and television blind dates. They believe that love or marriage can be found in these ways in a shorter time. As for the television dating, it has been a big hit in China in the recent two years. There are a lot of show about dating on TV, such as Hello Cupid, If You Are the One and Let’s Date. A little like The Bachelor of the American Broadcasting Corporation. However, there are differences between television dating show in China and that in America.

First, many women competing for a man in America, while men and women in China both have right to choose or reject someone. In The Bachelor, the hero has the right to decide who to leave or stay in the stage and finally picks out the very one he loves, and then asks her to marry him with his knee down in the very end. But in China, there are 24 Chinese singles standing on the stage waiting to be taken away by her match. Then men will show up one by one and each one has got less than 10 minutes to introduce himself, his past love affairs and to present opinions on him from his friends through three short videos. During that period, ladies who are interested in him can ask any question to get further understanding and those feeling no interest in him can push the button to turn off the light, which means he’s not in her ideal match range. If there is still one China woman supporting him in the end, then they can get together successfully if he likes her too. Or he can just says thank you to the lady and goes away. In the end, the right has been turned to the man, who is to decide who is the one to be together with her.

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Succeed in getting a beautiful Chinese girlfriend from dating show

Second, American daters can be involved in sex, but in China dating show the distance between men and Asian women for marriage is obvious. The American female daters hug the hero closely at a very long time when they first show up to the audiences, and they have a chance to fly to an island or beach and stay for a few days where they may have a sex relationship. Yet in China dating show, he will keep staying in the middle of the stage about ten meters far away from the ladies, and could not touch her or take her hand until they both take each other as their future love. It is quite understandable since China is sexual conservative country and most Chinese women consider sex only happen between lovers or couples.

Third, American people talk about more on hobbies and religions, while Chinese pay more attention on careers and income when dating people. Chinese people care more about marriage and family. Once they get married they will try their best to keep the relationship go well and always regard family as the most important thing in the world. And they believe that money is a very important foundation to support the family and guarantee the development of love without annoyed by economic problems. So sex Chinese women show interests in what you do and how much you get.

All in all, people can find his or her love whether through blind dates on television or dating online mostly with the sincerity and seriousness.

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