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Cupid Date – Meeting Up Your Dreamed ChnLove Lady

ChnLove's Cupid DateWhen your relationship with your dreamed Chinese lady has developed to a certain level, it’s time to meet her up and figure everything out. ChnLove’s Cupid Date  Service helps you to meet your Chinese girl in an effective and convenient way.

What’s Cupid Date?

It is a face-to-face dating assistance service aiding members who intend to further develop a relationship to acquire a better mutual understanding and to determine the degree of compatibility. This service includes setting up a date with a lady on your behalf and 1.5 hours of interpretation, getting your date rolling in seconds!

How Does Cupid Date Work?

First of all, make a request.  If you want to see the lady who you have already been exchanging EMF Mails and you want to further develop the relationship, go to her profile and click the “Meet Me” button to fill in the “Date Request” form, and then submit to invite her for a Cupid Date. To ensure the safety, you are required to complete the IMBRA personal disclosure.

Secondly, confirm time.  Based on your request, the corresponding agency would directly forward the message to the lady, along with you IMBRA personal disclosure. If the Asian girl considers the arrangement OK, she will confirm directly. If anything contradictive to her schedule, she will write back via EMF Mails with the exact problem and her suggestion. Well, the lady deserves the right to decline your invitation.

Thirdly, meet up.  Once both of you confirm the details no problem, then this Cupid Date is made. The only thing to concern is to show up on time. To be a gentleman and don’t let your lady awaiting too long.

What to Concern When Using Cupid Date?

Concerns When Using Cupid Date

1. U.S. nationals or residents of the U.S. must complete and upload the IMBRA personal disclosure at least 10 days prior to the proposed meeting time. The lady can confirm your date request after accepting the personal disclosure.

2. For quality assurance and understanding between the two parties, you must have received at least 2 EMF mails from the lady, or corresponded via Live Chat for at least 10 minutes, before submitting a date request.

3. The date must take place in the lady’s hometown, starting at the lady’s agency, in a conference room or lounge in the office. Upon mutual agreement, together with an interpreter, your meeting may progress to another location e.g. a restaurant, cafe, etc.

4. Please understand that we cannot make any promises or guarantees with regards to the content or results of the date, or the quality of interpretation.

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