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Consider The Financial Problems When Dating Chinese Girls

financial problems when dating Chinese girls

As if cultural differences were not challenge enough when dating Chinese girls for marriage, you will also have to navigate the exchange rate. As of March 2013, the rate stands at about 6.2 RMB for every 1 USD. For those of you who may be China experts, you know that the RMB has been continually getting stronger against the USD for the past decade and will probably continue to do so for the next decade.

What this means is that prices in China are going up, and everything from a box of chocolates to movie and popcorn to a nice dinner out will cost you more than it did just a year or two ago. This is particularly evident in the big cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The price of a nice dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant could easily cost US$ 60 or 80, not much different from a restaurant in New York City or Los Angeles. Of course, there is a sharp contrast if you do go to smaller cities. Prices in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities can be a fraction of the cost of the major metropolises.

While prices may be soaring, one thing which has not changed is the traditional idea that the man should pay for everything. Even if a Chinese girl reaches for her wallet to pay, takes out the money and puts it into the waiting hand of the taxi driver or waiter, you should move quickly to return her money and pay it yourself. It’s customary for people to “try” to pay the bill as a way to not lose face, but really you’re still the one expected to pay, even if she offers.

Another trick for avoiding money problems when dating Chinese women is to talk about your spending habits and how they developed. Maybe you don’t like to buy popcorn in a movie theatre, because it’s a ripoff. Even if you make 10 million dollars per year, drive a fancy car and live in a big house, you just don’t like paying US$ 6.75 for a small box of popcorn at the movies. Maybe it’s because your parents instilled certain values about overpaying and how to spend money. In any case, communicate your thoughts and reasoning with your lady about how you spend, and she will certainly understand. With better understanding, you will avoid some sticky situations.

Normally, you are not expected to give any money to her parents or buy her anything expensive until you are engaged to be married. In China, anything over about US$ 500 would be considered a very expensive gift. If you want to make a great impression, buying a gift for your lady is certainly acceptable. Just make sure it’s not too expensive before your relationship is serious and if it’s something you bring from home, make sure it was not made in China!


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