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Complaints About Chinese “Mail Order Bride” site

We are aware that many of the concerns and complaints are about Chinese “Mail Order Bride” site. At Chnlove, we believe we go the extra mile to address these complaints and work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to our members. It’s simply bad for business when these questions and complaints are ignored, and we’re not looking to alienate our customers. There is some controversy out there about Chinese dating, and we’re more than happy to answer a couple of questions here:

How can I be sure these beautiful Chinese women are real?
Chnlove, unlike many online Chinese dating sites, Chinese women who get their profiles posted are NOT directly registered as members of us, but sending in the applications to our local dating agencies first. Full particulars of the personal information, proof of identity or other supporting documents should be submitted to agencies first, then, women would be explained about the terms of service and the role of Chnlove, and profiles will get posted on the site upon our confirmation.

Prior to enjoying Chnlove service, those Chinese women must register with her mobile phone number and we take steps to verify the authenticity of the number by our SMS system. Women will also be contacted and interviewed by Chnlove on a random basis. This way, based on the information she gave us when she signed up, we can quickly determine the legitimacy of her intentions. The last thing we want is for you to be communicating with a woman that is not who she says she is. Also, we offer an online chat so you can actually speak with the woman you meet on Chnlove. Additionally, you can see which women are online now so you can see who is legitimately on the site looking to meet a man. For more info about this question, please read Lady Members on Chnlove  and Chnlove Anti-Fraud Policy .

What about hidden fees and other charges associated with mail order brides?
We have an extensive safety tips that gives advice on things you should avoid with dating. For example, You should spend money clearly. If your Chinese girl or agency ask you for money, please be alert,  and you are strongly recommended to report it to us because it is absolutely prohibited on Chnlove.

Chnlove adopts a credit system to Charge members fees. Credits are purchased not on a regular basis. You can freely choose when to buy and when to use. There is no more other hidden fees. To read Money Talks: Dating Cost & Budget  and Hidden agenda of the “Success Fee” to know more.

We have many other answers on our site, whether it be about Chinese dating tips , traveling to China ,etc. We feel Chnlove is one of the best site on the Internet for addressing complaints about Chinese mail order bride websites.

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