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Chnlove Tips: When First Dating a Chinese woman

As a western man, you may probably find the Chinese women are more alluring since their ways seem quite distinct from European women or women from other part of the world. This is not to say that they are a different specie altogether but their rich cultural heritage makes them quite distinct in their way of life or behavior. Globalization has brought about a more blending of cultures between different countries, but still, you should know some tips on how to date a Chinese woman successfully.

1. Chinese women get a lot of admirers and so you have to be different to leave an impression. Most of them would want to give you little test to see how firm you are. Do not just give in to every one of her whim. Sometimes you can playfully yet firmly resist or refuse her.

2. Believe it or not a Chinese woman would rate you more if she discovers you are admired by other Chinese women. So don’t spend all your time with one. Widen out and let them know you are trying to decide and have a lot of admirers. You just would be surprised with he results.

3.Do not be Mr. Goody-goody. Be a bit naughty throw in unexpected and mischievous remarks to leave her wondering if you just said that. Do not over do it but do not show her you are over impressed with her looks. Naughty statements and actions leave them wondering more about the kind of guy you are.

4. Every guy tries to get a Chinese woman out on a date and impress her with detailed “rap” or speech moves. The truth is she has heard it all before in many variations and versions. In this case less is more. The less you try to impress her, the more the Chinese girl is impressed. Try listening to your Chinese woman and getting her talk about herself. All you need is a small degree of interest. This throws her off guard as you are different and challenging, and Chinese girls like you challenging.

5. When you have good communication on Chnlove and finally make the decision to meet her in China, you should not try to date a Chinese woman. That means, don’t try the traditional dating moves. A dinner, movie, an occasional goodnight kiss and the no more calls from her. This is what everyone else is doing and it comes with too much pressure, expectations and awkwardness. These is what every one else has been doing with her. Try something easier, cheaper and less conventional. Something like just meeting for coffee, no big set up or preparations. She is less prepared and expectant. The atmosphere is less charged, more relaxed and thus more fun without the usual dating expectations.

6. Chinese are family bound, if you meet a Chinese woman you would likely notice that family bounds are more respected within them. So get to know more about her family. Be interested in her family it sure would boost the possibility of your success.

7. Honesty is also a quality that is highly respected in the China society. A man of honor does not lie and does not abandon his responsibility. If you wish to impress a Chinese woman you have to prove to her that you can be such a man of honor.
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