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Chnlove Tips: Choosing an Online Dating Picture


Think about your online dating searching process – don’t you always check the personal ads with photos first? A dating research has demonstrated that by simply posting a picture, it automatically increases the number of responses – even if you are not overly attractive.
A photo attached to the online dating profile can personalize your ad and reduce others’ uncertainty, especially when you choose Chnlove as your dating channel, your ultimate goal must be actually meeting your Chinese girl in person, in this case, choosing a dating picture becomes more essential.

Picture Taking Tips
The key in accurately displaying your best appearance online is taking the best photograph possible. Ideally, start with a new or recent photo. If you are relatively new to photography, here are some basic photography tips:

• Lighting is critical for a good photo. Unless you have access to a professional studio, take your picture outside on a bright day, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid shadows.

• Focus on the face and shoulders.

• Stand back and zoom on the face. This ensures the picture is clear and sharp.

• Stand up straight. This will make you look thinner and more confident. Just don’t be too rigid!

• Take an assortment of pictures with different face angles – facing front, side, profile, head up, down, etc.

• Preview your background. What are you standing in front of? How will it look in the backdrop, and will it create the correct contrast for your face?

• Make sure you are smiling and feel relaxed and happy. This will help you to look more natural in your picture. Try a fun activity before taking your picture; that carefree glow will shine through the lens.

Choosing a Dating Picture
Then, when you have selected a handful of your best pictures, how do you go about actually choosing a online dating picture? While analyzing your assortment, keep the following tips in mind:

• Be honest. Choose a recent photo and never use a fake picture. It is certainly okay to touch up a pimple or two but don’t change hair color or stretch your picture so you appear thinner. They are going to see the real you eventually anyway!

• Don’t post a picture of someone else, even if you are upfront about it, like a picture of your child. Potential daters simply want to see you.

• Avoid pictures with other people in them, even if you crop their faces out. There still might be a stray arm or hand that will look odd to the viewer.

• For your main profile picture, don’t add any props, like a car or pet. If you add other pictures to your ad, that would be the time to add these types of things but only if they are truly significant to you.

• Limit the number of profile pictures to no more than three. Any more and you look a little too full of yourself.

Just as you might brush your hair, floss your teeth and check the mirror one last time before an evening on the town – your online photo is a representation of you. Make sure it is the best ever with above dating tips.

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