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Chnlove Review: Why Can’t I Exchange Contact Information on Chnlove?

Chnlove Review: On Chnlove, one of the issues that often cause concerns is regarding direct contact with the ladies. Many gentlemen may prefer to communicate with their ladies directly, for privacy and cost consideration. When they find out this is not allowed, they are often upset, angry, and eager for an explanation. Here let me explain why Chnlove adopts such a policy and how you can make use of our diversified services to communicate with the ladies.

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Chnlove Review: Security Concerns and IMBRA

The most important reason why direct contact is not allowed on Chnlove is related to the IMBRA. As the majority of Chnlove’s male members are from the United States, Chnlove has adjusted its policy towards the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA) of the United States, which was released in 2005. The Act requires background checks for all US citizens who use an international dating site, before they can exchange any personal contact information. It was intended to stop abuse of “mail order brides” by prospective husbands with criminal histories. Therefore, for the best protection of security and safety of all members, the exchange or sharing of private contact details of members is not permitted on Chnlove.

Diversified Ways to Communicate with Chinese Women through Chnlove

Chnlove is a platform to help its members build up a relationship of different cultures and languages. Different from the free dating sites, Chnlove’s unique solution is EMF mail forwarding and translating service. Gentlemen can get to know the ladies through EMF mail communication, and work out a promising relationship with the assistance from the agencies. In fact, many ladies prefer to communicate through Chnlove rather than directly, because they are not confident about their English skills. The professional translation and consultation service offered by the agencies really helps to clear up a lot of misunderstanding due to cultural differences and language barriers.

In addition, Chnlove is also introducing more services to enable closer contact. For example, the Love Call service offers you the most perfect way to talk to your lady via a three-way telephone translation service. You may use any of your existing telephones to get connected and have a lovely conversation with a lady with the help of a translator. The Live Chat service enables you to have instant communication with your beloved lady, bring your conversations to life and share quick thoughts in real time! Furthermore, Chnlove’s technical team is also working hard on the “Video Chat” and “Video Date” services, which are expected to be launched in the near future.

Notwithstanding all these effective channels to get to know and communicate with your lady, the only way to really find out if the relationship will work is to go to China to meet her! For meeting face to face, Chnlove has introduced Cupid Date, a service that helps members to acquire a better mutual understanding and to determine the degree of compatibility. Any gentleman who is a US citizen will be required to complete and upload the IMBRA personal disclosure before the meeting. After the meeting, gentlemen are free to exchange contact information with their ladies.

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