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ChnLove Review: Look Into “Leftover” Chinese Women

Leftover Chinese womenIf you have enough about ChnLove, a cross-cultural online dating site, you would know that it covers various kinds of Chinese women who are attractive and well educated. Seeing this, you may ask: “Why are these charming Chinese girls difficult in finding a husband in their own country? I guess I am not the only one having such a confusion. As I know more about Chinese women for marriage, Chinese culture and tradition, I gradually understand the root causes. And I began to know the concept of “Sheng Nv”(leftover women), which assists me to understand the dilemma that Chinese women are facing.

The term “Sheng Nv” usually refers to the Chinese girls at their late twenties or elder who are still single. It’s an old tradition in China that Chinese girls should get married by a very young age. In modern society, the tradition gets faded as people choose to get married later, no longer like the old generations. While in China, if a woman remains single at a certain age, she would be considered abnormal and marked the label of “Sheng Nv”.

ChnLove Review on Leftover Chinese Women

Why well-educated Chinese women become “Sheng Nv”?

One of the main reasons that make more and more Chinese women leftover goes to the prolonging of education in modern times. To remain competitive in the job market, Chinese women have to work hard to further their education which is the main judgment of recruitment. Usually speaking, a Chinese woman gets her bachelor degree at 24 or 25 age. If she goes further for a doctoral degree, she should be about 30 years old when she graduates. If she is still single by then, she would bear the stigma of “Sheng Nv”. The point is that more and more Chinese women choose to receive a doctoral degree. Besides, the increasing cost of living is now forcing people to get married after reaching a certain level of financial stability. That’s the reason why the leftover women are mostly in bigger cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou where the cost of living is much higher than other small cities.

Different Standards on Marriage Age by Men and Women

Another important factor for Leftover Chinese women relies in the different preferred marriage age by men and women. Based on a survey, the ideal marriage for Chinese men is above 30, while for Chinese women, it’s below 25.

In fact, the Chinese society is much more tolerant of men than women who remain single beyond a certain age. In China, a single man who is 35 years or even elder, but has a successful career is called “Diamond Bachelor” and is regarded the ideal marriage partner. While this condition goes oppositely on a Chinese woman. The more successful a Chinese woman, the harder it is for her to find a suitable partner, because in China, it’s the general rule that the husband should have better education and career than his wife. Thus, Chinese girls on achieving a certain level of education and financial stability usually find themselves less chances to find a suitable lifetime partner.

Ascribed to the conflicts between traditional values and the modern way of living, more and more Chinese women are unluckily tagged “Sheng Nv”. Many of them jump out of tradition of marrying local men and turn to cross-cultural relationship, for western men are much more open to accept a matured wife. Therefore if you want to successfully date a Chinese lady on ChnLove.com, pick the matured type to begin with.

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