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Chnlove Review: Find Effectively Ways to Meet Your Chinese Lady

ChnLove - Reach Online Dating Success

Online Dating Success-Meeting Up Matters!

The final and probably most important step of online dating is to meet the lady of your dreams face to face. This is where you decide whether fantasy matches reality and whether there is any chemistry between the two of you. Due to cultural differences, you need to get fully prepared before the meeting and pay attention to a lot of things. Here are some useful tips on how to strike a chord when meeting up:

Tips to successfully date Chinese girls1. Get ready with ice-breaking topics.  Since you are not sure whether she is a conversationalist or not, and there are the inescapable language and cultural barriers, it is wise to prepare some topics in advance to avoid embarrassment. Be careful not to pick the topics that may offend Chinese people. If you do not know much about Chinese history and culture, then political issues are best avoided. In fact, the past century has created some stigmas within Chinese groups, which can be kind of complicated. For example, Hong Kong people often set themselves apart from “mainland” Chinese. It is also obvious that the subject of Taiwan is sensitive and best avoided in conversation. Tibet is also another topic to avoid, because many mainland Chinese don’t even know this is an issue.

2. Master some basic Chinese.  The Chinese language may seem hard to learn at first, but if you set out to learn it, you are likely to become slowly addicted to its profound breadth and beauty. Spend some time on a self-taught language course like Rosetta Stone, and later you will find it is absolutely worth it. Even if you cannot speak it fluently, your lady will surely be touched when you greet her in Chinese, because it shows how serious you are about her.

3. Surprise her by some small gifts.  Remember to prepare a small gift from your country, which should highlight your heartfelt gratitude for her show-up. If she wants to introduce you to her family, then you also need to bring a small gift for her parents. Later on, you will find it is very important to leave a good impression to the people around her. It is always a good idea to bring something that is handmade in the region where you are from, something that they won’t be able to buy in China, something that symbolizes the area that you live in. That way they can at least have some idea of where their daughter might be going in the future.

4. Be a gentleman and avoid physical contact on the fist date.  Physical contact like a kiss on one’s cheek may sound perfectly normal to many western men as it is just a way of greeting. However, Chinese women, especially those over 40, are generally very traditional, and even just a touch may seem like an overtly suggestive message to them. It can scare them off even if you think the relationship between the two of you is intimate enough. Acts like these should only happen when you both feel certain and comfortable about your relationship status.

5. “Going Dutch” in China is a stupid behavior.  Like in the West, it is a good idea to bring your lady to a nice restaurant on your first date, but there is one important thing that you should know. You may be used to the idea of “Going Dutch” in your country, but here in China, it is considered very rude and improper for a man to share the bill with his date. Any man bringing his Chinese girlfriend and her family out to dinner, is expected to pay for all. This is also to prove to the family that he is capable of providing for their daughter.

In a word, you need to make the first date as interesting as possible. It is understandable that you may be a bit anxious and nervous when meeting her for the very first time, but there is really no reason to be. What Chinese women appreciate the most is sincerity, honesty and respect. Just be yourself, show her your true colors, and let fate take care of the rest!

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