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ChnLove Fraud? Not As What It’s Said

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For those who are seeking Chinese girls for love or marriage via online dating, ChnLove should be their first consideration. Since the establishment, we have successfully helped thousands of western single men find their perfect matches in China. Many happy couples meet, date and finally marry via ChnLove. However, there is no 100% guarantee as online dating scam really exists and can’t be fully prevented. Some people inevitably get hurts and then consider ChnLove is a fraud. They begin to write negative comments to slander us, from different aspects.

For the scam issue happened, it’s mostly our responsibility since we still do not enough to prevent it. While male members should also do in a right way. Before writing negative feedback, take time to know about ChnLove and see how it runs the business, which could be a great help for your successful date. Below letter is written by one of our male members. It’s his experience and how he feels about ChnLove. After reading it, I am sure you would have a brand-new understanding on our site.

Chnlove has received a lot of bad posts. As a member who has actually met the women and is now getting married I think I have insight that you do not have. Yes, you go through a translator. The woman hires a translator to find suitable marriage hopeful men. They talk with many to sift out those you are not suitable for the woman. If you are talking with many, and they can see how active you are, they will not pass you on to the lady. Their job is to find someone suitable.. so you can talk for months, as was our case, before the translator feels you are suitable and presents you to their client. Then it is up to her to decide to talk or not. In my case we then met on QQ which was awesome except that I thought we were already in a relationship and for her it was only beginning. And yes, there are certainly fake profiles out there who only want to chat or send letters which costs a lot to us. But I know of at least 3 others who are real as they are friends or relatives of my fiancee. And her best friend also met her husband here as well..

So is this a scam site? No, I think it is misunderstood. The translators are looking for good men to present to their clients for potential marriage. If you are sincere and not talking with more than one then you will be presented.. If the lady rejects you then you will know.. If she accepts you and agrees to meet on QQ then you will know.. although all of this can take some time..

So take it slow, keep the costs down and figure out who you really want to meet and it can really happen…

ChnLove could be a choice as only as you use the right way to go. We wish every member could find his dreamed Chinese lady in an early stage!

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