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Chnlove Dating: How White Lies Works When Dating Chinese Women

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When you were a child, your mum might threaten to you “You must always be a good child and never tell people lies because lying is a sin in God’s eyes. If you lie, your nose will grow just like Pinocchio’s, and your tongue will fall out.” When we are growing up and looking for our life partner, anyone in a successful relationship will tell us honesty is essential to have a great partnership. Yes, good women like honest gentlemen which has already been ingrained in our mind. Does honesty work well in every situation? I don’t think so. White Lies is sometimes needed, especially when you are dating with a Chinese women.

Firstly, we need to make clear the definition of the white lie. White lies are variations on the facts designed to hide a truth that would otherwise be hurtful or harmful to hear. Chinese women are implicit, they won’t ask her man “How much do you love me” directly, but they will ask some tricky questions to make the judgment. Here are some common questions always being asked in dating, please be careful, they are not as simple as they looks like.

1.How many Chnlove women have you dated before?
When a lady ask this question, they may promise they won’t get angry no matter how many women you dated before. Actually this promise itself is a white lie. None of a single Chinese woman doesn’t care about her man’s relationship history. If you are the guy who happened to have abundance experience in this field but honest to tell your Chinese girlfriend that you have dated more than 10 girls before. The result is obvious, you will be considered to be a playboy and not trustworthy. Actually having much love experience is not a bad thing which will help us have a better idea of women’s thought and get to know how to take care of them better. When a lady ask you this question, you just need to convince to her not matter how many women you dated before, she is the special one you love most.

2.What do you think of my looks compared to other girls in China?
Most of Chinese women believe in the old adage “Love is blind”, so they expect their appearance are perfect in your eyes. When you tell your lady she is beautiful, but it is better if she can lose some weight and change another hair style. Believe me, no lady are happy to hear such kind of comment. You may feel confused why will the lady get mad of it since it is herself to ask your opinion. That’s the difference between men and women. Actually the answer to this question is simple- a white lie. Sweet words like “As usual, you look as beautiful as ever, and you turn me on every time I see you.” is never too much to the ladies.

Sometimes white lies can help invoke trust, avoid instilling pain, and can help an otherwise unpleasant situation. But that being said, honesty is still the best policy in Chnlove dating only if the truth is not harmful to the lady. After all, Mark Twain once said, “Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said.”

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