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Chinese Women Are Good Wives

Speaking of China, we always think of long history and great size. Indeed, she is a country with 5000 history and large population. The equal renowned is beautiful women in China. From the past we can find that countless women in China are known for their beauties. And the different charms and beauties which Chinese women own are incomparable in the world.

Chinese beauties

Girls in China seem to have a optimistic mind and to know well that happiness lies in contentment. They are now lovely and now mature, now sexy and now wild. They don’t aim to take part in any international competitions but to make their friends and family happy and enjoy themselves. Of the 56 ethnic nationalities, beautiful Chinese girls come forth in large numbers. Sometimes minority nationalities are a synonym for Chinese beauties.

However, among the 56 Chinese minority ethnic nationalities there are people we cannot call the m “Nationalities”. They are Mosuo people. According to the legend, living in the region of Lugu Park, Mosuo people are the guardian of “Female Kindom”. We call them “Female Kindom” because they still follow the old practice of matri-clan system, which can ran as the miracle in the history of human family and marriage. Mosuo women are warm and hospitable with dark but glistening skin. They can both sing and dance. At the same time they keep their family in a perfect order. Only at night can men come to live in the family of women. The next morning men must return to their own house to work. But with the development of society many young girls are chosen by troupes. Maybe someday the women boating and singing will become a beautiful photo and the secretive female kingdom will be a legendary in West Journey.

date this beautiful girl in China

a beautiful girl in China who want to seek her true love

There were many other stories about Chinese beauties. They matter a lot in some great events in history. Many have made great contributions to China, and even to the world. Nowadays many beautiful women stars in China are well-known around the world. The world are attracted by their unique oriental beauties and spirits. Many American gentlemen are coming to China to seek their Chinese wife. On the one hand, they are tired of the women in their own countries for the worship of money. On the other hand, with beauties and good qualities, Chinese women are known as good wives in the world and have a good reputation. Not only they are beautiful, but also they pass down fine Chinese virtues from generation to generation.


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