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Chinese Qipao—-To Know More About China Lady


If you want to marry your dream Chinese bride, it is beneficial for you to know as much as about China including Chinese culture, Chinese food and more about Chinese women. Their views of and on clothing, food, houses and means of travel have absorbed many new and western cultural customs and have greatly enriched for several thousand years. The changes are displayed in dress, diet, residence and wedding. Today let’s learn something about their dress.

pretty Chinese women in Qipao

pretty Chinese women in Qipao

Chinese Qipao—the traditional clothes of China Lady

Chinese Qipao or Chinese cheongsam is the traditional dress of Chinese women. It is slit up to the thigh on each side.It is a kind of classic clothing that has Chinese traditional characteristics, owns national representiveness and manifest the beauties of oriental women. With the strong national favor it shows the style and features, and embodies the unique beauty of Chinese traditional dress. The beauty of constitutional reserve and harmony can be fully seen from the ladies in Qipao. And it is of high workmanship and excellent skills of Chinese labourers.

From the Qing Dynasty, qipao were known as the formal clothes of women. From then on, women wore cheongsam while man wore a long gown. It has been very popular since. For one thing, it is close-fitting for Chinese ladies. It fits well the figure of Chinese females and has simple lines and women in Qipao look elegant. For another, Qipao can be made either long or short, unlined or interlined, wollen or silk floss. What’s more, with different colors and patterns it can looks rich and magnificent or plain and simple.

Nowadays with the rich cultural information, its charms and the improved style and design cheongsam walks up to the world and is well ahead of time. It has become a cultural symbol of Chinese clothing. On many great occasions in the world, Chinese women like to wear Qipao to represent China. Many people are amazed at its beauties. Some of it always catch their eyes and dazzle them.

It combines the elements of tradition and modernization; it is a unity of opposites. Some designers inject new elements into it and more and more women like it no matter they are from China or western countries. Rich Chinese culture and Chinese Qipao are bringing out the best of each other and Qipao plays a great part in letting more people known about China. Though it may be kind of different from the original it conforms to the times and display the great creativity of the world.

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