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Chinese Dating Tips: The 4 Important Values To Look For

Do you know what characteristics a Chinese woman are looking for in a man? Let’s take a few of the qualities that promotes a healthy relationship:

1. Common Values – Chinese women want a man who puts importance in the same values as them. This is so that both of you don’t clash in the future, and so that you would get along better. For example – Values like coming on time, and not being late – If a Chinese lady strives to never get late in any activity or date, she would expect her man to value time as she does. Of course, she will get peeved when you doesn’t show up on time but she does, so it would be a sore point in the future if you wouldn’t value being prompt. Also, values like honesty, trustworthiness, and faithfulness are the most important. If a Chinese women put much in store with these values, then they will want to find a man who would put as much importance on them as you do too.

2. Forgiving and Forgetting – As a couple, fighting would be inevitable. Chinese women may want someone who knows how to forgive, someone who won’t keep a grudge. They want have a healthy relationship, so they want to find a man that would be willing to forgive when they do wrong. And of course, in return, they would also have to forgive you too.

3. Comfortable Around Children – If a Chinese lady expect children in the future, she would need someone who would be willing to give her that, and also share the responsibility of parenthood with her. She may ask you flat out if you want to have children (not like, flatout like, right now)in your later dates, and then gauge you reaction to the question.

4. Common Goals – If your goal is to have a family of your own with her, then of course, your goal must go along with the new partner. If buying your own house is a goal that you have set-up, then make sure that she would. – Chinese women is also the same. They want to have someone whose goals are same and important to her , and goal-oriented on how to do the methods of achieving the said goals.

Now you know the important values that the Chinese women cherish for in a man; then do make sure that you have at least some if not all of these values. You get to connect better and understand each other more if both the values your treasure aren’t conflicting. So heads up gorgeous Chinese daters! Miss Right is coming your way!

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