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Chinese Dating Tips: Make the long distance seem shorter

Though a thousand miles apart, two lovers destined to meet are joined by a common thread.
-Ancient Chinese Proverb

When you join Chnlove and find your ideal Chinese girl, you may have to endure a long distance relationship for a short time at least. There are three keys that will shorten that distance in your heart. Anticipation, daily contact and physical contact.

We believe you don’t want the long distance relationship to last forever, so there is some kind of end date that you can anticipate. Looking forward to that ending is one of the easiest ways to shorten the distance instantly. Here are a few ideas how:

• Countdown
Some people like to count down the number of days left until you see your Chinese girl. You can create a countdown with big sheets of paper, then each day, you gleefully ripped another page to shreds and moved one step closer to a joyous meeting with your girl.

Imagine when you told your Chinese girl exactly how many days it would be until you saw each other next, she must know you really love her.

• Planning
Sometimes you don’t know exactly when the next time you see your Chinese girl will be. So what do you do then? Plan. Imagine what it’ll be like, when that day comes. What will you do together? What will it feel like?

The more details you add to your plans, the more real they become. And the shorter the distance feels in your long distance relationship.

Daily contact
One common factor in successful long distance relationships is daily contact.

• Phone
Your Chinese girl may want to hear your voice everyday. Make her dream come true! LoveCall service was available on Chnlove for some time, which can let you manage all phone communications with your Chinese women via translators on any of your existing phones. Make a call anytime, anywhere and Talk with no language barrier. More about LoveCall

• Email
Of course, emails are a no-brainer. Recommend Chnlove powerful EMF Mail Forwarding Service here. It is a single, integrated solution that combines mail correspondence, translation, dating guidance and alerting tools on a robust platform. You can break the immediate language barriers through this service and your chinese girl who are not confident about her English won’t find language as an obstacle anymore. More about EMF

Physical contact
You’re probably wondering – how can you have physical contact if your Chinese girl live on opposite sides of the globe? Sure, you may not be able to touch each other. But when you send her an object, and she touches it – it activates her sense of touch. And it’s coming from you.

It’s not as good as the real thing, but physical contact is still important in a long distance relationship.

• Letters
Email is great because it’s instant. But when you want to touch someone’s heart, snail mail is where it’s at. Your own handwriting expresses so much more than any computer font. And you can clip pictures, photos, drawings…you can even burn a DVD with music or videos.

Get creative and send something unexpected.

• Flowers
Flowers are touching. And it’s easier to send flowers to China. Chnlove flower service

Make sure you send her the right number of flowers. Did you know that your bouquet may send your Chinese girl a hidden message? Learn more about how many roses send her what kind of message…

• Gifts
Gifts can brighten those lonely long distance days. Chinese Gift Service

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