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Chinese Culture and Tradition: Courting a Chinese Girl

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Many gentlemen on Chnlove may want to know what Chinese people do when courting, especially when they are taken up with a Chinese girl, they even hope to treat her in a Chinese way. So today, we’d like to share transitional Chinese courting culture – though some have changed in modern society, we believe, some are still deeply affecting Chinese girls. Culture always goes to the bone!

Courting is far more indirect in Chinese culture than in most Western societies. Transitionally, Chinese relationships pass in several stages, usually lasting for a long period of time. An engagement, even lasts for several years and as far as marriage is concerned, it is viewed as a lifetime commitment.

The Friendly Beginning – Often the starting point of a Chinese relationship is a friendly date. The couple will go out together in public places as friends only and will be accompanied by other friends. During this stage of courting there will be no public displays of affection, the man has to be discreet and friendly or he will be accused of being too arrogant. It is too early for kissing or holding hands at this point.

Discreet Chinese Dating – That is the second stage of Chinese courtship and now couples may go out together without the company of their friends, but again, the keyword here is “discreetly”. Chinese women cannot afford to be fast, they are expected to be hard to get because it is seen as an appropriate behavior when they are courted. A Chinese girl never shows her admirer that she is also in love with him immediately.

Playing hard to get is one way by which the Chinese can measure the sincerity of the man interested in her. It also lets her show the man that he has to work hard to win her love. Some courtships may last for years before the woman accepts her admirer’s love and they become a term for boyfriend-girlfriend.

Taking the Relationship Public – After some time the couple may decide to come out in the open about their romance. At this time they will inform their family and friends about their relationship. Every man who wants to be taken seriously by a Chinese is obliged to visit her family and introduce himself formally to her parents. It is rather inappropriate to court a Chinese girl and formalize the relationship without informing the girl’s parents.

There is a tacit rule here that says: “When courting the Asian you are not courting just her, you are courting the entire family”. Following this rule will help you earn her respect by entrusting her family with high regard.

There are certain traditions that have to be observed when visiting the Chinese’s family. For example, if the man wants to be acceptable to the girl’s family, he has to give small gifts every time he drops by her family’s house. Then after being a couple with your Chinese girl for quite a time and decide to get married, you should do is ask the girl’s parents for her hand.

When courting a Chinese woman you will find that she is shy and reserved even when holding great feelings for you. This is a part of her culture and even for a Western man there is no way around that. You should treat your Chinese girl with respect, lead the courtship with your heart and you may find a lifetime partner that will enrich your life as you have never imagined.

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