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China Ladies Show Their Importance Today

Chinese women

The status of Chinese woman used to depend on her birth to baby

Women in China play an important role today. Their position in the Chinese society has changed over time.
In the traditional Chinese culture, women were always humiliated, underestimated and excluded in the special patriarchal family system, who are mostly restricted with their homes. Being seen as only a “temporary family member”, they were married at a very young age and sent or given away to another family. And it was her giving birth that decided the status of the Chinese woman within the society. If she had a baby boy, she was lucky to be accepted as a respected person in the family.
While nowadays Chinese women are no longer restricted to their families. They are free and independent to express themselves and chase things they really love. Let’s see what are the changes that make China females today.

High education & working outside home for China ladies

Chinese women

China ladies play an important role today

It was during the republic years of China when most Chinese women in big cities were offered the chances to get formal education studying alongside the males. This was a big change which gave the equal opportunity to most China women to get education. And gradually they stepped up to hold prominent political positions and managed to show their influence in various domains, receiving equality and respects in jobs.
However, in that era, Chinese ladies did not feel release under the the shackles of some old conventions. Then opening-up policy was carried out and foreign products came into China, such as music, movies and food, which influenced those Chinese traditional, conservative females a lot. Women began to drop down some old traditions and customs and developed newer concepts and ideas under the foreign culture, which included the freedom to choose her own husband instead of accepting arranged marriage or stay as a single mom. At that stage the women developed a sense of independence and began to fend for themselves.

Difference existing between China ladies from rural areas & urban cities

Chinese women

Situation of China women in rural areas still need to improve

Today we find that Chinese women have been playing a prominent role in many different aspects of life from being successful entrepreneurs to significant politicians accomplished, popular dancers to brilliant musicians. But compared to Chinese women that live in urban cities, there still some distinctions existing between the minds and life of those who live in rural areas.
The freedom of the rural women are still limited by the old traditions. Gender bias is still a big problem to hinder women’s access to education and employment. But fortunately organizations for the rights of women are constantly doing its best to improve the situation of the Chinese rural women by offering them chances to seek education and take various activities in different fields.
All in all, Chinese women are playing significant role both in life and jobs in the present society. And for the marriage, Chinese singles also show their courages and confidently step out China to the world for an overseas romance.

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