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Biggest Complaints about Online Dating

Two months ago, we shared our opinion on Biggest Dating Complaints from Chinese Women on Chnlove dating site. Today, we want to talk biggest complaint about the whole online dating services. Nowadays, many people move online to dating, when they’ve exhausted the local scene. While most people find the experience enjoyable, there are a few common complaints. Here are the top annoyances, as shared by online dating users at Chnlove forums, Chnlove reviews and other dating sites.

Cancellation Issues – Hands down the most complaints against online dating come from consumers who try to cancel their membership with some dating services. With most memberships paid automatically with a credit or debit card, stopping those payments can be a hassle, even on accounts that have reached their contract’s end. The mistake most members make is to attempt to cancellation by e-mail. Making contact by phone. Your resolve and willingness to address the issue head-on will produce greater results. After requesting that your account be cancelled, watch your credit or debit card statement closely for future charges.

Minimum Exposure – The second biggest dating complaint, after cancellation, is that many sites exaggerate their pool of potential dates. New profiles may be actually much lower than projected and when you take into consideration diffences in age, ethnicity, geographic location and education, the number of matches may also be narrower. But if you go into the situation understanding the real potential, you won’t be disillusioned by the number of prospects.

Registration Required – Many people have the impression that once they’ve signed up they can communicate with anyone else on the site. But on some sites both people must be paying members to make contact with each other. Many people are unaware of this requirement, even though it’s included in nearly all agreements. However, there are a few sites that don’t require two-party registration.

Time Consuming Application – Compatibility may be what people are looking for, but they’re hoping to get the process started quickly. Yet, some sites take up to three days to post a profile picture.

Temporary Account Suspension – When you start dating someone you’ve met online, suspending your dating service membership seems reasonable, while you spend time together. But some services don’t offer the option and force you to completely delete your account and lose your user name. If you decide to return at a later date, you’ll need to go through the application process all over again. Look for this option before you sign on, if it’s important to you.

Message Limits – It’s confusing that a free email service will allow unlimited message characters, while a dating service that you pay good money to use would limit the number of characters per message. Users may have to send multiple messages just to get their thoughts across. Again check out the details before becoming a member.

Online Dating Guarantee – If you’re considering using a dating service, don’t expect a guarantee. If a dating service offers a guarantee, they may try to work around refunding your money with a deceptive scheme. One that is reported works like this. You make one minor contact with another member and the service labels it as a ‘compatible match’. The service is no longer obligated to issue a refund.

Have you ever met these dating complaints? Share with us.

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