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Big Holiday Is Coming to China

Summer is almost over. Holiday mood is coming to China. The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday runs from September 22 to 24, while the Chinese national holiday starts on October 1 and goes until October 7.

It’s time to munch on moon cakes and enjoy the full moon. People are going to enjoy the moonlight, eat moon cakes and hold reunion dinners with families as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. In China, people eat the traditional moon cakes, which have been made with sweet fillings of nuts, mashed red beans, lotus-seed paste, and in some cases egg yolks.

Do you want to celebrate this festival with your loved one? As the old Chinese saying goes “On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away It is on the festival occasions when one misses his dear most”. Do you miss your dear one? It is time to buy her some moon cakes or flowers. Click here to choose what you can buy.

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