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Avoiding Online Dating Mistakes

When reviewing our gentleman member’s comments and queries, we always find that most of dating complaints and misunderstanding can be dispelled in the very beginning, as long as we know some basic dating tips and avoid mistakes. Below are a few of the most common mistakes made by newcomers of online dating.

1. Lying in the Profile
The biggest complaint by online daters is people that make false claims in their profiles. You know, a little exaggeration here and there. A bit younger, a bit taller, a few pounds lighter. This will hurt you and your Chinese girl because both of you will always be discovered as dishonest. Sooner or later you and your partner will meet in person will feel deceived. Now that’s a great start to a relationship! Don’t lie in profiles, it just never works.

2. Posting Old or Fake Photos
You must post a real photo of yourself as you are today. Posting photos of you when you were 10 years younger, 20 pounds lighter or had a full head of hair may make you look more appealing but what happens when you meet your Chinese girl! No matter how you look at it, online dating is about eventually meeting that person for a date. So all of your little tricks and deceits cannot be hidden forever. The best way by far is to be honest up front. Your chances of success will be much higher this way.

3. Talking About Sex
Unless you are on a site that is specifically sexually oriented then keep your emails free of sex talk, but on Chnlove, if you talk about sex topics too quickly then your Chinese girl may think that sex is your primary objective. Give it some time and start slow. When the relationship approaches an appropriate level you can gradually begin to discuss sexual topics.

4. Mentioning Past Relationships
Remember that the first email contact you make will tend to amplify what you say. So keep your past out of it as much as possible at least in the beginning. Now if your Chinese girl asks about your past, don’t give all of it out in one go especially if your past is full of relationships gone bad.

5. Insisting on Private Contact Too Quickly
As you know, Chnlove provide EMF mail service, which is established to ensure smooth communication between people of difference languages and cultures. If your Chinese girl cannot speak/write fluent English, FREE TRANSLATION SERVICE will be provided to her and When she has come across cultural problems, she can get possible assistance from the service provider. However, if you insist on private contact by telephone, post mail, she will have no chance to enjoy such convenience and your communication may run into difficulties.

6. Not Asking Important Questions
If you only ask the easy questions in your email exchanges then you will end up meeting a lot of people who you know nothing about and you would never consider in the first place had you screened them correctly to start with. Remember that the great advantage of internet dating is that you can find out information about your partner before meeting them. If you waste this advantage then you are practically on a blind date.

Online dating is a great tool to meet and date wonderful Chinese girls. But like any tool if you don’t use it correctly, it will not help you achieve your objective.

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