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Avoid photo scam when using dating service

There are a few common ways people mislead you with photos in their online dating:
– using out of date photos from a time that they were younger and more attractive.
– using photos that conceal the unattractive areas of themselves
– usingphotos of totally different people.
Learn following knacks to spot fake online dating photos and avoid dating scam.

Out Of Date Photos
Extremely out of date photos are a little easier to spot, watch for the following:
-Out of date clothes.
-Out of date hair cuts or makeup.
-“scanned” film print images, as opposed to ones taken with a digital camera.

More recent out of date photos (within a few years) are much more difficult to spot.
-Look for inconsistencies in personal descriptions, such as someone describing they have short hair, but in the photo it is long.
-Look for broad variations between photos, for example weight changes or style changes over photos.

You can always ask when the photos were taken to be safe, just do it tactfully.
“Interesting photo! Where were you when it was taken? Really? Cool. How long ago was that?”

Concealing Photos
 If you are a good photographer, you must know following ways that people “cheat” their photos to look much sexier and charming. Watch out for:

-Photos take from a high angle looking down. These would be ones where the person takes a self portrait by holding the camera over their head pointing down and looking up into it. This makes the head prominent in the photo, making the body look much smaller by comparison. It also stretches out all the extra skin in the neck area, making the face look slimmer.

-Photos lit from behind to just illuminate the silhouette of the face. This is a great photographer’s trick to bring out just the key features of someone’s looks, while keeping the not so hot parts hidden in the shadows.

-Headshots, showing just the head and shoulders aren’t always a warning sign. It only becomes a warning sign if the person says they don’t have any more photos of themselves. Everyone has at least one full or half body shot sitting on their computer. The excuse is the red flag.

Concealing Photos with Photoshop
Haha, Photoshop… So many people it, which make you hair richer, your skin smoother, your teeth whiter and your eyes sparkle. Look, if women can use makeup to make their lips richer and fuller, their eyes more sultry and seductive, and hide all their skin flaws for pictures… then I’m sure going to do as much of the same in Photoshop!

For people who do use Photoshop to reshape themselves, look out for the following signs:

-Sections of the photo which appear smudged or streaked, indicating that certain tools have been used to manipulate that area.

-Duplicated parts of the photo, which betray that someone has “cloned” an area and pasted it over another in order to mask something.

-A difference in the overall texture of the photo. If a photo is “noisy” or grainy all over, but strangely smooth in one area, it indicates that someone has done some sloppy Photoshop work in that section.

Using Photos Of Other People

Detecting these photos is very difficult, after all, someone could just browse Myspace profiles until they see a full set that depicts a full and sexy life and copy them all. The good news is that as online dating becomes more socially acceptable, there are proportionally fewer people stealing photos. However, keep an eye out for the following:

-Inconsistencies between written physical descriptions and the photos (eyes, hair, height, weight).

-Inconsistencies between locations (if you are dating in a desert area and someone’s photos all have pine trees in the background).

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